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An isolated floor commonly called a “floating floor” is used to minimize impact and airborne sound transmissions through the floor/ceiling structure. Floating floor composite construction consists of a built-up floor e.g. concrete slab wood wood/gypsum board composite supported by an array of resilient mounts placed on top of the 【Get Price】

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Floor isolation systems are incorporated into building design to minimize floor impact noise and airborne sound transmissions. A “floated” floor or rooftop is supported by resilient mounts installed on the structural floor or rooftop. The design of an effective isolation system is dependent on several factors including:【Get Price】


PDF On Jan 1 2019 Lorenzo Casagrande and others published A PSEUDOELASTIC FLOOR ISOLATION SYSTEM FOR HOSPITAL SEISMIC RETROFITTING Find read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate【Get Price】

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Dynamic Isolation Systems& 39; first floor isolation project was the King County Emergency Center in Seattle. The floor system protects communi ions equipment and comprises a post-tensioned concrete floor isolated with lead rubber isolators and roller bearings.【Get Price】

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First the SoundSense Floor Isolation System will de-couple the finish floor from the joists. This means that any impact noise is considerably reduced a good idea as subs and speakers will be sitting directly on the floor. Also because the floor is de-coupled from the joists any airborne noise is also greatly reduced.【Get Price】

Seismic performance and sensitivity of floor isolation systems in steel

As illustrated in Fig. 1 one key design difference between floor isolation systems FISs and base isolation systems is the seismic input to the system. For a base isolated structure the seismic input to the system is the ground motion ignoring soil–structure interaction at the base of the structure whereas the seismic input to the FIS is 【Get Price】

RIM Wood Rollout Isolation Material

Compared to other high performing isolation systems RIM installation is quick and simple. Each roll is designed so the pads line up with the adjacent unrolled material. After RIM has been laid out and installed it is covered with plywood composite and finished flooring.【Get Price】

RIM Rollout Isolation Material

UniBraceIsolation Brackets; WallmatStud Wall Isolation; KSMStud Wall Isolation; PSB-SStud Wall Isolation; IPRBWall Isolation; PC-10Masonry Isolation; NAFP-10Masonry Isolation; PSB-MMasonry Isolation; KNMFire Rated Barrier; RESOURCES. NCBM Brochure; STC/IIC Sound Test Reports; Specifi ions; BIM Objects; Fire Ratings and Designs; Installation 【Get Price】

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Our pour-in-place floor isolation system incorporates all critical components needed in a top-performing noise control system including: Model KIP isolators fixed in fiberglass batting Model PIB Perimeter Isolation Board spray adhesive plywood junction plates polyethylene sheeting and tape and resilient non-hardening perimeter sealant.【Get Price】

Vibration Isolation of Floating Floors

primarily utilized in floating floor assemblies to absorb vibration. The small squares on the underside of the SoundPad are designed to compress even under light loads to provide substantial vibration isolation and a low natural frequency. Regupol SoundPad is used in the Regupol SoundPanel system but can be supplied sep-【Get Price】