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JM Corbond III Johns Manville

Johns Manville Corbond III closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation offers and R-Value of R-7 per inch and can be applied in a single pass to a maximum of 3.5 inches providing superior thermal performance with seamless air sealing and moisture control in a single step. Multiple immediate passes with no wait time may also be applied. With high yield and excellent adhesion it& 39;s an 【Get Price】

The R Value Myth - Spray foam

In 1970 the popular number for the R-value of one inch of urethane foam was 9.09 per inch. Using this value we were putting an R of 1.25 x 9.09 = 11.36 in the walls. This was much less than the R = 16 claimed by fiberglass insulators.【Get Price】

Dura-Foam Roof System Dura Foam Roofing

R value of a Dura-Foam roof is measured by using the conservative factor of R 6.25 per inch of polyurethane foam. At this rate a foam roof having a thickness of 1.5″ adds an R 9.4 to the roof structure. The actual R value of our polyurethane foam is higher than 6.25 but we use this number to comply with standard building practices accepted 【Get Price】

R-Values of Materials: Table of Insulation R-Values and

R 0.93 40. Phenolic Foam Insulation R-Values: Phenolic foam spray insulation: 4.8 - 7 21 : Phenolic foam insulation. Phenolic rigid panel. 8.3 4.4 - 8.2 20. 4 - 5 21 : Corrosion problems when in contact with steel roofing and moisture; very good air bypass leak sealing properties : Plaster 1/2" lightweight: 0.32 30 【Get Price】

Foam Board Insulation - R Values and Types

Foam Board Insulation Types. I’ve written several posts about how to insulation basement walls in which I promote the use of foam board insulation as the first line of defense against moisture and mold. Because of this I often get questions about which type of foam board insulation to use and what R values these products provide.. There are three basic foam insulation board products on the 【Get Price】

New contributions of FSI pour-in-place foam and spray

Foam Supplies’ EcoStar pour-in-place and EcoStar CC spray polyurethane foam systems provide R-values at 1” up to 8.2. These vastly outperform fiberglass products maximum R-value = 3.8 enabling manufacturers to achieve greater thermal efficiency using less material.【Get Price】

Foam Insulation and R-Value — A False Measurement

Simply put there are a lot of reasons we recommend spray polyurethane foam and R-value isn’t one of them. Foam Insulation and R-value — Actual Savings. There’s actual savings for commercial building owners who are building new air-conditioned offices and warehouses using SPF insulation. The amount of A/C can be reduced by 20% 【Get Price】

What R-Value Will a Roof Have After Applying Spray

Spray polyurethane foam has an average R-value of 6.5 per inch of thickness. If you install 3 inches of spray foam on a roof it will gain an R-value of approximately 19.5 6.5 x 3 . If a roof already has an R-value of 10 based on the existing underlying insulation and you install 3 inches of spray foam overtop the roof will then have a new R 【Get Price】

Polyurethane Foam Properties - Foam-Tech

The R-value of foam is higher per inch than other types of insulation The R-value of insulation materials is dependent on ambient temperature and wind conditions. Independent tests show that at 18 degrees F with a 15 mph wind the theoretical R-value of polyurethane foam drops from 19 to 18 while batt insulation drops from 19 to 7.【Get Price】