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Precast hollow core plank is prestressed concrete primarily used for floor and roof decks in multi-family or hotel buildings. The continuous hollow cores help to add structural stability while also reducing the amount of material which ultimately reduces weight and overall cost. Precast hollow core plank construction can take many forms.【Get Price】

Hollow-core slabs with cast-in-place concrete toppings: A study of

Hollow-core slabs are economical have good fire resis-tance and sound insulation properties and are capable of spanning long distances with relatively shallow depths. Common depths of prestressed hollow-core slabs range from 6 to 10 in. 150 to 250 mm for spans of approxi-mately 30 ft 9 m . More recently hollow-core slabs with【Get Price】

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The low maintenance and durability of precast concrete makes it the ideal material for building parking structures that last for years. The versatile nature of precast also lends itself well to the aesthetic design of garage parking resulting in highly-functional attractive structures.【Get Price】

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Review load tables details and specs of Spancrete precast hollowcore for use in specifi ions for an upcoming project.【Get Price】

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Cover photo—The top photograph shows a precast concrete parking deck structure that uses cast-in-place pour strips to create diaphragm chords and provide load transfer into the shear walls. The bottom photograph shows a precast concrete parking deck structure that uses a dry-system diaphragm. How to Cite This Publi ion NIST 2017 .【Get Price】


MANUAL FOR THE DESIGN OF HOLLOW CORE SLABS SECOND EDITION by Donald R. Buettner and Roger J. Becker Computerized Structural Design S.C. Prepared for the PCI Hollow Core Slab Producers Committee John E. Saccoman Chairperson James Beerbower Ernest Markle Kevin Boyle James Markle Jeffrey Butler Milo J. Nimmer Loris Collavino William C 【Get Price】

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hollow-core slabs from premature deterioration in parking appli ions to improve the life span of the structure. P arking structures are among the most challenging types of structures to design with regard to durabili-ty especially in colder climates where deicing salts are used. Chloride ions contained in deicing salts quickly【Get Price】

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Hollow Core The Hollow Core slab has a variety of uses including floors and roofs for buildings and parking garages decks for piers and lagging for retaining walls. Cast-in-place composite concrete topping is highly recommended to provide a smooth level floor surface that serves as a horizontal diaphragm when properly reinforced.【Get Price】

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Hollow core slabs or plank are precast prestressed concrete components typically used as structural floor or roof deck systems in single and multi-story buildings. To reduce weight and provide a more efficient product the planks are cast with continuous voids that run the length of the panel.【Get Price】

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Serving as a combined deck and ceiling system the planks erect quickly to reduce on-site labor needs and are capable of spanning long open spaces to aid design flexibility. Continuous interior voids add structural stability reduce weight and therefore reduce cost.【Get Price】