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This advantage helps in the winter too if you plan to use your deck as part of your standard entryway. List of the Cons of Composite Decking. 1. The cost of composite decking is a significant factor to consider. The cost of using composite decking for your home is 50% more than what you would pay for pressure-treated wood.【Get Price】

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While composite technology is not new advances made in specialized resins material formulations alysts and fillers have created broader acceptance of composite poles by utilities. Utilities are especially interested in scenarios where traditional pole materials—such as wood steel or concrete—are difficult to use or are prohibitive .【Get Price】

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The material called WPC or wood plastic composites contains 70 percent recycled wood. It combines the lightness and robustness of plastic with the touch and feel of wooden surfaces. ”Everybody in the plastics industry is affected by the debate over littering and microplastics accumulating in the ocean.【Get Price】

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Wood-Composites. Traditional wood-composite materials are typically manufactured using 50% plastic and 50% organic wood material such as sawdust or other recycled wood fibers. This makes the product harder to recycle and still contributes to the destruction of our forests through the use of a wood-filler. Wood-composites are susceptible to .【Get Price】

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The primary component of wood-based composites is the wood element often 94% or more by mass. Common ele-ments for conventional wood-based composites include veneers strands particles and fibers. The physical charac-teristics of common elements can be seen in Figure 11–5. Properties of composite materials can be changed by chang-【Get Price】

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Wood is actually a natural composite – a combination of cellulose fiber and lignin. Some composite appli ions including fishing poles and golf club shafts copy the natural design of woods such as bamboo. But manmade composites have clear-cut advantages over wood: Composites are long lasting – Wood eventually rots but composites are .【Get Price】

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Composite materials usually present unique properties in which the strength-to-weight ratio is high. Another advantage of composite material is that it provides flexibility in design because the composites can be molded into complex shapes. There are many types of composite materials such as carbon-reinforced fiber plastic glass fiber .【Get Price】

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It could cost 15 to 20 percent more for composite material than pressure-treated pine. 4 Composites aren& 39;t natural. No matter how much effort goes into making composites look like wood they& 39;re not. The only way to get the full beauty of a wood deck is to use the real thing. Composite decks aren& 39;t completely maintenance free.【Get Price】

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Wood Composite is an ultra-modern material. WPC has all the best natural properties of wood but is devoid of such disadvantages as susceptibility to rotting and mold flammability surface defects does not absorb moisture etc.【Get Price】

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Engineered wood also known as man-made wood manufactured wood or composite wood is a wood-alike that is created in the factory by binding wood fibres strands particles sawdust scraps of lumber and byproducts or veneers or thin wood boards together with adhesives under high pressure and temperature to form a really strong bond.【Get Price】

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About Composite Materials. If you have a low opinion of composite decking it may be time to update your view. When composite materials first came out as an option for consumers many jumped on the bandwagon in an effort to rid themselves of high-maintenance wood decks.【Get Price】

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Wood vinyl and composite windows all have their inherent strengths and weaknesses as well as advantages and disadvantages that depend on your personal preferences. Wood is a smart choice for versatility and durability especially if you’re interested in ordering a custom-made design.【Get Price】

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WPC is a highly durable and secure material used for construction purposes. It is a blend of wood fibre/ wood flour and thermoplastics. The WPC boards are also prepared from inorganic fillers and plastic composites. Wood plastic composite is also used as a strong and high end flooring option.【Get Price】

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Miura Board is one of many composite wood solutions on the market. Like other composite fencing materials Miura Board allows users to create strong and reliable fences that stand the test of time. However Miura Board is a superior alternative to both wood and wood composites for a variety of reasons.【Get Price】

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Another advantage is that composite wood is eco-concern. It can be made of waste wood chips/wood pellets. There are tons of waste wood that can be recycled and reproduced as composite wood every year. Composite wood is also low-maintenance because it is a treated material and a finished product.【Get Price】