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How to Restore Slate Tile Flooring

Before you can begin the restoration of your slate tile flooring you need to clean it. Move everything out of the room so the floor is bare. With a broom sweep up all the dust and debris and gather in a dustpan. After this give the floor a thorough vacuuming pushing the nozzles into all the corners and edges.【Get Price】

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The most important thing you can do regularly to maintain a slate floor is to keep it free of loose dirt and debris. These small particles can act like grits of sandpaper wearing down the protective sealer and making tiny scratches in the tiles every time the floor is walked on.【Get Price】

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The material for the field of this slate floor project is a 12x12 inch "Rye with Red" slate – which will be installed on the diagonal. The border measures 8-3/4 inches in width and will consist of two parts – a 4-inch decorative border composed of 1x3 inch slate tiles and a back border made of field tiles cut to fit.【Get Price】

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Scrub and strip your floor by moving the scrubber across the floor in even passes. After one pass if you still see sealer or wax on the floor then strip the floor again from the from a different direction. This sometimes helps with the clefts in slate. Turn your scrubber off and dry the floor if needed.【Get Price】

4 Slate Flooring Repair Tips

Whether you plan to repair damage in your slate flooring with epoxy grout or replace the damaged slab altogether you have to prepare the surface for such repair activities. First clean the area specifically the damaged area with soap and water and allow it to dry completely. Second strip it of sealer paint and grease with acetone stripper.【Get Price】

Do& 39;s and Don& 39;t& 39;s for Caring for Your Natural Slate Tile Floor

Slate flooring does scratch more easily than other flooring options. If a scratch does occur you may be able to hide it by applying a bit of mineral oil. Properly sealed slate is stain-resistant but if a stain should occur you can use a stain-removal poultice for stone flooring available in stores.【Get Price】

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Work the grout into the joints with a rubber float in a figure-eight pattern. Pack the material into the joints until the joints don’t take any more grout but don’t push down too hard or you’ll imbed the grout into the face of the stone and add to the clean up time.【Get Price】

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Because of its relative affordability and interesting textures and colors slate is a common DIY flooring choice. For example Peacock slate earns its name by the tile& 39;s peacock-like spectrum of colors. However since slate is a naturally occurring building product the surface of the natural stone tends to be more uneven than other stone types.【Get Price】

How to Repair a Damaged Slate Floor Tile

When a slate floor tile gets cracked or damaged it is wise to replace the damaged slab rather than just repair the cracked part with an epoxy sealer or grout. Aside from looking unsightly patched-up tile will eventually fall into pieces.【Get Price】

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How to Fix Slate Tile Flooring. Even the sturdiest floors sometimes require maintenance and repair and slate is no exception. With ordinary foot traffic slate can loosen or lift and hard .【Get Price】

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Cost of Slate Flooring. Like other natural stone flooring mined slate is a costly investment to purchase and install within the home. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can save a substantial amount .【Get Price】

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Slate vs. Granite Flooring . Slate flooring provides an extremely unique look but it is a fairly high-maintenance flooring when compared to the most popular natural stone granite tiles. Granite is a harder substance and while it too requires sealing you won& 39;t have to do this as often as you do with slate.【Get Price】

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Rinse the floor once or twice with clean cool water and a fresh mop. Patiently watch your spouse stretch and proclaim "My back" while you continue cleaning. Do not suggest that he return to work this is only the first section of floor. You still need him.【Get Price】

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How to Strip a Slate Floor. Slate floors are well known for their beauty and durability but the sealers and waxes applied to them can darken their appearance or create dirty-looking spots over time.【Get Price】

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If the slate is covered in a layer of discolored or cracking wax this needs to go before you can clean and polish it. Select a commercial floor stripper appropriate for stone and dilute with water according to label. Mop this over the floor and let dry then rinse if directed by the label. Floor strippers are powerful chemicals.【Get Price】