what size trucks for 8 5 deck

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For the perfect truck size you are aiming to match the overall truck width to the deck width for example a 7.75" deck matches a 5.0" truck an 8.0" deck matches a 5.25" truck. Match the Truck Width to the Deck Width The reason for this is partly function and partly aesthetics.【Get Price】

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Model Axle width Deck width 109 6.9" 6.2 - 7.4" 129 7.6" 7.4 - 7.8" 139 8.0" 7.8 - 8.2" 144 8.25" 8.1 - 8.4" 149 8.5" 8.3 - 8.7" 159 8.75" 8.6 - 9.0"..【Get Price】

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What trucks to buy for a skateboard Trucks on a skateboard are a vital component to skating smooth. These T-shaped pieces mount to the bottom of your skateboard to connect your wheels and bearings to your deck. Each Tucks consists of: Axles Hangers Kingpins Bushings. Where it can become confusing is which size truck to …【Get Price】

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Choose the Right Size for You. Trucks. Spring 2021; Fall 2020; Features; Ads; Team; Sizes and Styles. Size Chart; Truck Styles; Guaranteed; d c a. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE .【Get Price】

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What size trucks should I get for an 8.5 deck. Getting parts for my first board. Also is a 8.5 deck too big for tricks? I’m pretty tall and my feet are size 10.【Get Price】

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7.75" truck axle - 7.5” to 8" skateboard decks 8.0" truck axle - 8” to 8.5" skateboard decks 8.5" truck axle - 8.5” to 9" skateboard decks 9.0" truck axle - 9” to 10” skateboard decks 10.0" truck axle - 10” wide and above skateboard decks. Choosing a skateboard truck profile. The distance between the hanger and the bottom of the .【Get Price】

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Find the right size skateboard trucks wheels and parts to make replacing components or building a fresh complete a breeze. . DETERMINE YOUR DECK SIZE. FIND THE .【Get Price】

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The ACE 44 Classic truck has an 8.35″ wide axle and a 5.75″ wide hanger. The brand recommends it for decks 8.125″ to 8.5″ wide. This places the truck in between Independent’s 144s and 149s or between Thunder’s 148s and 149s.【Get Price】

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Your best bet is to get some Independent 149mm trucks which have a 8.5" axle. They& 39;re perfect for that wide of a deck. 8.5 is REALLY wide I hope you know what you& 39;re doing 【Get Price】

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Hanger and axle size. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when determining the right size trucks for your skateboard. In general you will want your axle to be close to the same width as your deck. So on a 7.25″ wide deck you will want an axle around the 7″ to 8″ mark for your axle or around a 5″ hanger.【Get Price】

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Check out the best skateboard truck selection in the industry. Shop Independent Thunder Theeve Venture Royal Tensor and more. Free shipping over $50.【Get Price】

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Low Truck; Traditional Aluminum Alloy; Truck Size Guide: 5.0 7.625 axle length : . 6.0 8.625 axle length : 8.5 and up deck width; Trucks sold individually. However .【Get Price】

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A recommended option if you are looking for a low truck is Independent Silver 139 mm Trucks for 8-inch Skateboard. Mid Truck; Mid trucks are also called standard trucks. They comes with an average height that falls between high and low trucks. These trucks fit well for all-around skateboarding. If you are using mid trucks make sure the wheels .【Get Price】

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Skateboard deck size and the right truck size; Deck size Axle width Hangar width; 7.75 inch to 8.0 inch: 7.75 inch / 197 mm: 5.0 inch / 129 mm: 8 inch to 8.5 inch【Get Price】

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Lots of people Raymondetta being one skate 8.25" boards with 149ers. Doing so will have 0.0625 of an inch of axle sticking out on either side.which is nothing. I match deck and trucks the best I can currently riding an 8.375" Zero with 149 8.375" thunder hollow lights.【Get Price】

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In order to choose the best skateboard trucks for your complete skateboard you& 39;ll need to figure out what size truck will fit your deck. The width of your trucks corresponds directly to the width of your deck. Too narrow a truck will be unstable; while too wide a truck can result in shoe to wheel contact while pushing among other problems.【Get Price】

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8.5 inch trucks 139 mm or 5.25 all the same just different units fit an 8.5 board. I use Independent Thunder or Destructo trucks. 8.5 is a little big don& 39;t you think? I& 39;m about 6ft and i use a 7.75-8 deck.【Get Price】