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The Leading Providers of Outdoor Timber Decking in Singapore. EvaLAST EcoDECK EasyDECK . When it comes to the decking of an outdoor area of your home such as a terrace or balcony it is important to have decking that is made from only the best materials.【Get Price】

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ONEWOOD Decking system consists of solid homogeneous planks of reconsituted timber composite timber which enables resanding and refurbishing works after years of wear. It has minimal shrinkage and expansion when exposed to environmental charges. Its fabri ion processes allow better dimensional stability as compared to natural hardwood products.【Get Price】

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Singapore is a place with multi culture breeding and nurturing the singaporeans. With the culture of personnel from European countries country-style design or ambience began to pop out and evolve here in Singapore. A very most sought for design and ambience will be timber decking for gardens.【Get Price】

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More specifically known as Teak Timber Decking teak is a high tier wood in the Southeast Asia region often referred to as the ‘King’ of wood. There are a few reasons driving its popular demand and status one being its natural oil composition and natural wood pattern.【Get Price】

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A type of low density light hardwood that is very easy to dry with little tendency to split or warp. But staining may cause trouble. Easy to work in all operations finishes well and glues satisfactorily. well suited for sculpture and pattern making wooden shoes picture frames and drawing boards.【Get Price】

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Timber Decking Installation Wood decking is a popular installation option in Singapore. They are popularly used on balconies planter boxes and outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. In the case of outdoor spaces such as fish pond areas wood decking also offers access to the areas underneath the decking.【Get Price】