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Use a strong wood glue such as Gorilla Glue for the joints. Squeeze it onto both end grains of the strut and push into position. The Gorilla Glue will foam a little when it reacts to the natural moisture in the timber and it will start to set. Drive a screw through the strut and into the rail.【Get Price】

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Height would be 5′ for mounting with 6′ long wood fencing boards. In order to “clamp” the 5′ gate frame between sets of roller wheels the post above ground is 6′ tall that means the post below the ground should be no less than 3′ long. This gave the total length of the post as long as 9′.【Get Price】

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Using a drill bit roughly smaller than the barrel width of the bolt drill your holes. You want the screw to bite into the the wood but not split it. Using lag bolts this size would definitely split your wood. Once all my drilling was done the fun part came.【Get Price】

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Attach two hinges to the wood post placing one hinge 2-inches down from the top and the second hinge 2-inches from the bottom. Roll the gate to the post and adjust the hinges so that the metal sits flush against the side of the gate. Use wood screws on each hinge attaching it to the rolling gate.【Get Price】

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Making a sliding gate solely out of wood was going to take a little bit of thought as my inquiries told me that most substantial sliding gates required a metal frame to prevent warping. I was pretty confident that I could make a gate out of wood that would not warp but it would have to be a specific design.【Get Price】

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Simply set the wood onto the table against the fence then place the angle and bevel adjust the position of the plank on the desk start the saw and then dip the blade into the wood. The advantage is that the outside isn’t damaged during your job.【Get Price】

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Make your own welded sliding driveway gate. Height of the Gate Frame . For gates with vertical timber palings or slats fitted to the front the frame should have the top rail lower than the palings or slats otherwise the top rail is at the very top of the gate.【Get Price】

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Also the longer a piece of timber the larger possibility of ‘movement’ therefore the wooden sliding gates made in this manner should have a longer life. For larger sliding gates additional metalwork may need to be engineered to ensure the sliding gates work correctly but this is in very extreme cases Call Pete on 020 8054 7535 for .【Get Price】

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Stand the gate up. When in the upright position slide the two rollers over and onto the gate. With the gate touching both bottom rollers balanced in-between the rollers tighten the two top rollers leaving a ½” clearance between the rollers and top of gate frame track or 2.5” pipe .【Get Price】

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A traditional hinged gate was not going to work in the space so I designed a sliding gate that could be fully opened and matched the existing Merbau privacy screen it would butt up against. It uses a guide box a simple latch and has been constructed out of decking material with primarily pocket-hole construction so there are no screws showing .【Get Price】

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Sometimes baby gates are just as good at keeping the adults out as they are the babies. They are hard to move and operate and some of them are just downright confusing. A sliding baby gate can be made from various types of wood and instead of using latches and hooks to fasten it it just slides open.【Get Price】