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The four different types are Cedar a softwood Ipe a Brazilian Hardwood a Capped Composite and AZEK which is 100% PVC Decking. All of these products are great and we proudly sell them all at TimberTown but let& 39;s see how they did.【Get Price】

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Cedar Decking vs. Composite Decking Colby Coward January 23 2017 Construction Process If you’re planning to replace an old outdoor deck or have a new deck installed it’s important to decide what type of outdoor deck material to choose.【Get Price】

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Cedar decking will be cooler than composite and PVC decking. The difference in heat will vary by the composite colour and ingredients but all synthetic decking is hotter than cedar decking. If you want help finding a cooler decking Jim Finlay does an excellent study of the different surface temperatures of decking.【Get Price】

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Although some decks are faced with unusual species such as ironwood and tigerwood most are still constructed of the softwoods cedar and redwood or pressure-treated pine. Based on the densities of the two common wood species a 12-foot length of 5/4-by-6 decking would weigh 12.83 pounds redwood or 10.54 pounds cedar .【Get Price】

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Nothing beats the natural beauty of a Real Cedar deck. Composite: Companies that produce composite decking materials spend a lot of time in research and development – all in the name of imitating wood’s natural beauty. Some brand names come closer than others with manufactured texture and faux grain patterns.【Get Price】

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Here is the differences between cedar and composite so you can choose which is right for your new deck: Composite decks. The biggest benefit of a composite deck is its durability and long lifespan. Composite itself is composed of recycled plastics mixed with wood chips. The result is a material that looks just like real wood but without any of .【Get Price】

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Cedar decking is a moderately priced decking material and is the least expensive among the other common decking materials. Most contractors can construct a cedar deck for about $25-$35/square foot. Vinyl decking is more costly than composite and cedar decking. An Azek vinyl deck for example is about $50- $65 /square.【Get Price】

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The Bottom Line: Wood Deck vs Composite Deck. The lower cost of treated wood and cedar vs the lower maintenance of composite and PVC is an important consideration. But also consider: How long will you live in the home? If it’s less than 10 years you might not get good value from an expensive composite material or from ipe.【Get Price】

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Cost: Granted the cost of a cedar deck is about twice the cost of a pressure treated deck but it is about half the cost of a composite deck; so cedar can be a great upgrade to a pressure treated deck but you can expect to spend between $25-$30 per square foot for the deck.【Get Price】

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Even high-end wood like cedar and redwood still come in under the price for the lowest composite decking. Choosing Between Composite or Pressure-Treated Wood Decking. The argument of wood or composite deck all comes down to preference in the end.【Get Price】

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Knowing the difference between a Cedar Deck vs Pressure-Treated vs Composite can help you make a decision on your next deck Adding a deck to your home or even upgrading an old one can add a lot of value to your property. It also gives you and your family a space to relax and enjoy the outdoors and entertain.【Get Price】

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The other downside is a composite deck costs significantly more than the price of a cedar wood. The pros and cons of decking material are really between how much work you want to do and how much you wish to spend up front. Keep in mind adding a deck adds great value to your property and to your own enjoyment of your home.【Get Price】

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Why wood may be a better choice than composite. The average cost to add a wooden deck onto a home is $14360 according to Remodeling Magazine& 39;s most recent Cost vs. Value Report. By comparison .【Get Price】

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The price of cedar varies based on the size of the deck and the difficulty of installation. Generally a cedar deck board costs around $25 to $30 per square foot – slightly less than you’d pay for wood composite decking but significantly more than pressure-treated wood. Now let’s look at the plusses and minuses of cedar decking: Cedar .【Get Price】

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Composite decking pros and cons If near-zero maintenance is your goal buy composite wood decking. Most is made from recycled plastic and wood chips or sawdust. It’s more expensive than cedar for a wood deck but once it’s down it won’t rot splinter or twist.【Get Price】