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Termites cannot build tunnels through the sand. Avoid stacking firewood against your house and remove tree stumps from your yard. Leave at least 6 inches of space between the ground and wooden decks porches and patios.【Get Price】

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Termites are known to leave a trail of mud networks. Below are six ways to get rid of termites in hardwood floors: 1. Identify the types of termites. If you notice termites in the hardwood floors the first step is to identify the type of termites you’re dealing with. There are three main types: damp wood subterranean and dry wood termites.【Get Price】

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Concrete slabs that attach to the house for example a garage floor or the slab of an earth-filled porch. Voids inside foundation walls piers etc. within 4 feet of known termite activity . The side walls of earth-filled porches within 3-feet of the foundation wall and any structural wood.【Get Price】

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While methods can vary a bit depending on the building codes for the specific area the first step for pre-construction termite treatment is usually to treat the slab. Once the land has been graded the foundation form has been installed and the footings have been dug the area should be treated.【Get Price】

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Termites will eat almost anything that contains wood. They& 39;ve also been known to eat materials which don& 39;t have any trace of wood in them such as linoleum and laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. If termites find their way into your home you will soon see termite damage on laminate.【Get Price】

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Mud tubes provide shelter for termites and have a muddy flattened appearance approximately the width of a drinking straw. Look for mud tubes along cracks beneath flooring around baseboards on pipes piers chimneys behind siding plumbing and other fixtures. Mud tubes may also extend over concrete foundations and other exposed surfaces.【Get Price】

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Purchase and use termite-control products. Readily available at your local hardware supply store using termite-control products is the first step you need to take to get rid of these harmful pests. You can use termite-baiting control methods or a liquid termite-killing product.【Get Price】

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Termites eat through wood from the inside out so by the time you notice damaged wood in your home the termites may have been in your home for quite some time. Termites can damage all types of wood and also damage ceilings laminate flooring windows shingled roofs and joists.【Get Price】

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Termites are notorious for eating through hardwood floors but do termites eat laminate flooring too? The type of wood floor will better determine the likelihood of a termite infestation. Agricultural Research Service entomologists determined that allelochemicals found in some woods can act as a repellent to termites.【Get Price】

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You can go a step further to keep termites from feasting by sealing wood. Using a sealer will help prevent water damage that weakens wood and makes it more susceptible to termite damage. In addition to treating wood regular pest control treatments can also keep termites in check.【Get Price】

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If you find an active subterranean termite infestation in your house or structure you will usually have to perform a two-step process to eliminate the infestation. If possible you will directly treat the active infestation you found and you will follow that up with a soil treatment or bait system to eliminate the portion of the colony that .【Get Price】

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Home-invading termites prefer soft rotting or fungus-infested wood with high moisture content. For this reason most termite infestations start with wood that touches or is lo ed close to the soil. Homeowners may reduce the chances of termite infestations by using pressure treated naturally resistant or composite wood. Pressure Treated【Get Price】

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Termites can find gaps in the barrier and could enter so it is suggested to have yearly termite inspections just to be certain. An easier method of applying a liquid-soil treatment is with a sprayer.【Get Price】

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Alibaba.com offers 1167 termite proof wood flooring products. About 1% of these are Wood Flooring 5% are Engineered Flooring and 2% are Plastic Flooring. A wide variety of termite proof wood flooring options are available to you such as project solution capability design style and usage.【Get Price】

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Untreated wood is vulnerable to moisture as well as insect pests such as termites. Wooden steps and patios lo ed outdoors can quickly absorb rainwater and snow causing the wood to warp erode and eventually rot. Treating wood with a water seal helps it repel moisture blocks harmful insects and keeps the wood looking its best.【Get Price】

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To fix holes left behind by termite damage in your hardwood floor follow these two steps: First off you’ll need to identify an area of the floor affected by termites and remove the damaged hardwood floor pieces which are typically rectangular in shape. A circular saw or a chisel and mallet can get the job easily done.【Get Price】