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A picket fence ideally white has iconic status as Americana symbolizing the ideal middle-class suburban life with a family and children large house and peaceful living. This stems from the fact that houses in quiet middle-class neighborhoods often have gardens enclosed by picket fences.【Get Price】

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I grew up in a beautiful suburban home with literally a white picket fence and my mom was a stay at home mom since my dad made more than enough money to support everyone and she had 4 kids to take care of. unfortunately my mom grew to resent this lifestyle over the years because although she had all the material things she could possess she .【Get Price】

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n. v. to have a relationship that is considered standard old fashion and/or idealic.【Get Price】

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To discount the fact that struggles and imperfection lend a hand in achieving happiness and meaning to life. . white picket fence; White-Picket-Fence-Syndrome .【Get Price】

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White fences started being associated with prosperity in colonial times. Since whitewash—a mixture of water and lime–was expensive and harder to maintain than plain wooden fences those who owned a white fence were usually well-off. The term “picket” has colonial beginnings as well. Derived from the French word piquet a 1700s picket .【Get Price】

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To some the following account may seem corny—a fabri ed story complete with a house and white picket fence. For me a white picket fence represents the “good life”—a house in the country family space for the dog to roam etc. For my family in the East however a white picket fence represented something completely different.【Get Price】

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Favorite Answer The term was used frequently in the 40s. Picket fences were commonly painted white and they enclosed your "dream home" Not every one could afford such a home and most families that.【Get Price】

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The white picket fence is the symbol of the fortunate lives that we live and the point is that the world doesn& 39;t stop at your fence. More importantly there are people out there in the world that would give anything for the white-picket-fence life you have.【Get Price】

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White-Picket-Fence-Syndrome a state of mind where a person blindly holds on to the idea of their perfect lifestyle regardless of the inevitable life factors that make it impossible for it to be true.【Get Price】

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The expression “white picket fence” is an American idiom and metaphor that means this:— * A situation an attitude or a perception that is considered standard old-fashioned or ideal or all of them.【Get Price】

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Throughout movies white picket fences are used to symbolize the perfect middle-class suburban life. This prevailing imagery has led to what some call the “White Picket Syndrome” in which a person blindly holds on to the idea of a perfect lifestyle despite its inability to every really exist.【Get Price】

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The white picket fence dream. For those who& 39;re unfamiliar with the term despite me using it quite a lot the white picket fence dream refers to a dream that I daresay many men even in this day and age still share: a stable job a happy and loving family with a wife and kids a small but comfortable home and of course the white picket fence .【Get Price】