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How to Remove a 4×4 Fence Post that is Snapped Off at Ground .

Screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out. Dig down a few inches and screw into the side of the post to pry it out with a lever and fulcrum. Screw a long eye-bolt into the post from the top and yank it out.【Get Price】

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I’ve tried a lot of different methods for removing 4×4 fence posts sunk in concrete but this fence post removal strategy the easiest one I’ve found. Screw a piece of scrap 2×4 to the post a couple of inches from the ground put a landscape timber alongside as a fulcrum and use a long metal bar as a lever.【Get Price】

How to Straighten a Leaning Fence Post Without Removing It .

So in an effort to avoid this cost this article was written to show the best way to fix a leaning fence yourself without even having to remove the fence posts. Materials Needed. To get started you will need: A Fence Post Mender I recommend this one on Amazon for less than $20 a piece 2 and 1/2″ exterior wood screws; 3″ exterior wood screws【Get Price】

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How to Remove Concrete Post Footings. Concrete post footings are removed when replacing a damaged post moving posts or when trenching for underground pipes. Typical post footings for fences .【Get Price】

How to set a long lasting fence post without concrete .

Actually if you don’t use concrete you can actually easily pull posts out of the ground using a hydraulic auto jack with a chain and large lag bolts. Take about 18 inches of chain. Lag bolt each end to opposite sides of the post just above the ground. Use the jack to pull the post straight up out of the ground.【Get Price】

How to Easily Remove a Fence Post with Concrete Footing .

Step 1: Dig around the fence post. Use your shovel to dig around the fence post until the top 3 - 4 inches of the concrete footing is exposed. Generally speaking the wider the hole is dug the easier it is to remove the post so don& 39;t be afraid to dig the hole on the wide side. Step 2: Wrap the chain around the concrete footing.【Get Price】

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Using a Jack and Chain 1 Dig out soil around the post. If the fence post has a large concrete base or is very firmly anchored in soil you may need to use a farm jack Hi-Lift jack and chain to pull it out.【Get Price】

How to Dig Out a Fence Post and Concrete Footing Using Hand Tools

When a fence post needs to be repaired there is frequently no other choice than to remove the current post and concrete in order to install the replacement. A few simple steps to create a plan and then execute can make the difference between an hours work and an entire afternoon of struggle.【Get Price】

How to Remove a Fence Post and concrete footing The Easy Way

In most cases the post will pop right out. If you’re in very hard or rocky soil then consider using a hose to get the soil wet. This will allow the post to be extracted quite a bit easier. Another benefit of this method is that you will have a nice sized pre-dug whole when you are ready to pour concrete for the new fence post. And that’s it 【Get Price】

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To keep your fence standing for a long time the best thing you can do is keep anything that traps moisture away from your post. We struggled with replacing posts that had broken off at ground level until we figured out a way to remove the concrete footing easily and without digging. Here’s how we slide the concrete out using water pressure.【Get Price】

Pull Wooden Fence Posts Set in Concrete WITH NO DIGGING : 7 .

What you want to do is to lash two of the long 4x4& 39;s together sandwiching the two small pieces together as shown. tie as tight as you can no huge deal. During use the force is not being applied to the ligatures paracord . The cord is just there to hold the smaller pieces of lumber between the longer ones so they act as spacer blocks.【Get Price】

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Any suggestions on how to get old 4×4 fence posts off a slab? I have to rebuild a fence but the posts are shot and unfortunenatly half the posts sit in the slab. Anyone got any cool tricks to minimize effort/ damage to the slab? The new posts are ging to be in appox the same lo ions asthe old.【Get Price】

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AFFILIATE TOOL LINKS:Swanson Post Level: Magnetic Post Level: 20V Drill Driver Combo:【Get Price】

How to Remove Old Fence Posts Set in Concrete

Connecting a 2×4 or 4×4 to the post with heavy-duty bolts then placing the jack underneath the bolted-on section and lifting it. Wrapping a chainor tow straparound the post and connecting it to the jack then using it to pull the post out of the ground. Connecting the jack to the post with ratchet strapsor some other removable connector.【Get Price】

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fencepost removefencepost diyforknuckleheads How to remove a timber fence post in concrete the Uncle Knackers way.even if .【Get Price】

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the fence and gate were existing. to clear the new cement the contractor used a skill saw cut off the bottom of the fence boards cemented around the 4x4 redwood posts. the cement is about 4 to 5 inches thick. so there is say 2 ft of post in the ground and another 4 to 5 inches of cement added to that.【Get Price】

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It& 39;s a 4x4 lumber post that& 39;s snapped off flush to the ground without any concrete around it. * I& 39;d like to pull it straight out and sink another post in the same hole without digging too much. *EDIT 2: I tried digging down a few inches last night to attach the 1x2 and discovered it was set in concrete about 6" below ground level.【Get Price】