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Staining a fence can make it look good as new but it’s almost imperative to clean a fence well before staining it Luckily there’s an easy and effective solution to cleaning your fence before staining and that’s pressure washing. To pressure wash a fence before staining there are a few important steps.【Get Price】

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You should also consider slapping a fresh coat of waterproof paint or staining on the wood fences too to prevent any more algae mold or mildew from growing on them again. If you keep your wood privacy fence clean as can be it& 39;ll provide you with many more years of service and look great doing it too.【Get Price】

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Cleaning a fence before staining usually involves several methods to remove grime dirt old paint and staining products. The most common way is to use water and a scrubbing brush to get rid of impurities on the wood. You probably want to stain your fence right the first time. To succeed you need to start with a clean fence 【Get Price】

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Cleaning Tips Hacks and Products Materials and Supplies Wood Refinishing DIY Painting and Finishing Staining Prep is everything when it comes to staining a wooden surface. Without diligent and effective preparation your refinished product is up against obstacles like dust wax existing stain or irregularities in the wood surface.【Get Price】

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It is important to clean the wood region first before re-staining your deck or fence. Cleaning the material properly ensures that the stain you add adheres correctly and lasts longer. Proper wood cleaning will also return the fence to life and make it look newer.【Get Price】

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Before we get to the cleaning part isn’t it vital that we know why the fences should be stained? The change in weather conditions the burning hot summer the moist-soggy winter and the wet rainy season affects the fence conditions profoundly. Staining can protect against all these and more. Benefits of Staining your Wooden Fence:【Get Price】

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Learning how to clean a fence before staining is essential to make sure that your stain gets absorbed into your wood and is applied evenly. Then you know your wood fence is protected from the elements. Follow our directions below to clean your fence properly before staining with or without a pressure washer.【Get Price】

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Over time dirt mold moss grease and other materials can adhere to the fence and it is never good to apply a new stain without removing these debris first. If you have a pressure washer you can easily clean your fence or deck by putting it on a lighter setting so as not to damage the wood.【Get Price】

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Over time soil mold moss grease and other materials may adhere to the fence and without removing these debris first it is never good to add a new stain. You can easily clean your fence or deck if you have a pressure washer by placing it on a lighter setting to avoid damaging the wood.【Get Price】

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To prep a wood fence before staining the required pressure of your washer should be at least 2500 PSI in order for it to actually remove any dirt particles attached to the wood. This can make your old fence look as good as new and you will be able to see the effects almost immediately 【Get Price】

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Clean the fence prior to applying the fresh stain over the existing stain to ensure the wood is protected for many years to come. 1 Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and goggles.【Get Price】

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Regardless of the product you choose make sure that your fence is totally clean and dry before applying it; stains and sealers won’t adhere to wet wood. The Bottom Line Wood fences can last upwards of 20 years depending on what kind of wood you use and the climate you live in. Regular cleaning and treating with a stain or sealer can help .【Get Price】

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The length of time to wait before staining or sealing your new wood fence can depend on the type of wood the time of year and the climate of your geographic area. If you installed a pressure-treated pine fence you’ll need to wait until the wood is completely dry before staining or sealing it.【Get Price】

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Use oxygenated bleach on a wood fence. Mix together an oxygen bleach powder like Oxiclean according to the manufacturer& 39;s directions. Apply the mixture to a water dampened fence with a large painter’s brush leave it for 15 minutes and then scrub the surface with a plastic bristle scrub brush.【Get Price】