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Tall walls create high potentially dangerous drop-offs that may need a fence or other type of safety barrier. Also as walls get taller they get exponentially more difficult to design and build. An 8-foot-tall retaining wall must be eight times stronger than a 4-foot-tall wall.【Get Price】

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I have almost 1/3 and nbsp; of an acre backyard that I will be re-establishing soon and one of the projects will be a 2-3 ft tall retaining wall that will be approx. 25 feet in length - it will be very visible What are some attractive and less costly ideas? I& 39;m putting tiers into a sloped yard hoping to correct the drainage problems. the concrete is gone and the sand will be mixed in with new .【Get Price】

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After installing the third course of timbers make a T-shape dead man tie-back from two short lengths of landscaping timber. Dig out a T-shape trench into the hillside behind the wall and lay in the dead man. Fasten the dead man to the retaining wall with two landscaping screws. Then stake the dead man to the soil with two rebar stakes .【Get Price】

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In-ground Durability Class 1 timber species or plantation softwood timber preservative treated to H5 should therefore be used. The heartwood of naturally durable species durability class 1 that are suitable for retaining walls include ironbark grey gum tallowwood forest red gum and bloodwood.【Get Price】

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A good-looking retaining wall depends on level footings and the best way to establish level over long distances is with a builder’s level. If you’re building a wall with only a couple of 4-ft. sections you can get away with using a 4-ft. level but for a longer wall rent a builder’s level.【Get Price】

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For this reason the preferred material for food garden appli ions is the foundation grade redwood or cedar which is a more expensive but healthier choice. A timber retaining wall is usually less than four feet tall. There are two basic construction methods each one suited to different conditions.【Get Price】

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By using the information we have on building retaining walls you will get everything you need to plan design and build the perfect retaining wall project. Use the plan/design menu above to check out all of the information we have on how to build a retaining wall up to 6 ft. high 1.8 m .【Get Price】

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Middle ground pressure treated timbers use timbers that are treated to .40 as these are treated under pressure where as some others are treated to point of retention. Difference being if the wood is wet when treated cells are not going to accept the treatment hence they will rot over time.【Get Price】

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2.625-in x 3.75-in x 8-ft Pressure Treated Landscape Timber Severe Weather 3-in x 4-in x 8-ft Pressure Treated Landscape Timber Severe Weather Railroad Tie Actual: 7-in x 9-in x 8.5-ft 【Get Price】

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If your retaining wall is going to be 40 feet 12 m long you need 14 posts—40 length of the wall divided by 3 space between each post —for your wall. If it& 39;s going to be 5 feet 1.5 m tall make sure your posts are 5 feet 1.5 m tall with an additional 18 inches 46 cm on top.【Get Price】

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A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it. There are many types of materials that can be used to create retaining walls like concrete blocks poured concrete treated timbers rocks or boulders. Some are easy to use others have a shorter life span but all can retain soil.【Get Price】

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Calculate the timber you& 39;ll need to buy. For this project we need twelve 8-foot 6x6s to build a 2-foot tall wall. Pressure-treated lumber especially made for this type of wall is readily available in home improvement centers. Before beginning have a plan for all the soil you& 39;ll be removing.【Get Price】

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Question about drainage behind a retaining wall made of. I am in the process of replacing a retaining wall made from 3x4 rounded landscaping timbers. Its about 4ft high and 50ft long with a 4x4. Get-Prices【Get Price】

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Soil is heavy especially when soaking wet from a recent rainstorm so a basic retaining wall four feet tall and 15 feet long potentially has to support up to 20 tons of soil pressure. With .【Get Price】

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Treated pine sleepers are the easy and economical option to build a non-structural retaining wall. To make one section of wall that is 3m long x 400mm high you’ll need two 200 x 50mm x 3m sleepers and at least one 200 x 75mm x 2.4m sleeper.Use 50mm thick sleepers for the wall rails and 75mm sleepers for the posts.【Get Price】

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Your fasteners should be hot-dipped galvanized stainless steel or rated by the manufacturer for construction with pressure-treated wood. And finally if the retaining wall is holding back earth .【Get Price】

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Three green treated 10-ft. long 2x6s for the below-grade components for every two stanchions. One brown treated 8-ft. 2x6 for every post. One brown treated 4-ft. 2x4 for every post. Enough linear footage of brown treated 2x8 to cap the walls ordered in any multiple of 4 ft. Estimating the number of 2x6 planks for sheathing the wall is easy.【Get Price】

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Standard Landscape Timber Sizes. An eight-by-eight full-sawn landscape timber -- 8 feet long -- is really 9 inches deep 7 inches wide and 102 inches long so it& 39;s close to standard railroad tie size.【Get Price】

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More recently I installed 55 of them for different landscape projects. Many are rotting within 4-5 years. While they are "pressure treated" and rated for ground contact I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THEM I am now going to tear them all out and replace with decorative retaining wall blocks made of concrete.【Get Price】