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Decks with the usual slapped on railing posts tends to have that chock-a-block treehouse look to them. The structural design can vary a lot depending on how solid you want the deck to be how much creakiness you can stand. A completely silent deck will be a LOT more work and money than a slightly creaky deck.【Get Price】

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A 12-by-8 foot freestanding deck requires no sawing or hammering with a simple ladder frame and pier blocks. Lay out the concrete pier blocks into six columns and three rows. The columns should .【Get Price】

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In such a case a freestanding deck makes sense. But there are other reasons we might choose not to tie a deck to a house. Take for example a garrison colonial where the second-floor framing cantilevers a foot or two past the wall below.【Get Price】

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Freestanding decks greater than 2 feet above grade must be able to resist lateral and horizontal movement by providing diagonal bracing. Because there isn& 39;t a house to anchor one end of the deck uplift and racking forces are greater issues that must be addressed in the structural design.【Get Price】

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2. Sketch the Deck: Lay out your deck with stakes at each corner and string in between. Then use a long tape measure to determine the total length and width of your deck enter into calculator . From here you should be able to determine your deck surface area Length X Width . 3.【Get Price】

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Once the four corner posts were set backfilled and solid correctly in place then using the batter boards the orange layout strings and a measuring tape and the deck plans we used a second set of strings red in the photo shown here and white in the earlier photo above to give the exact lo ion of the face of each post.【Get Price】

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The decking will be fastened onto the band joists with 16 galvanized nails or deck screws overhanging a short distance along the perimeter. Also layout and cut the stair stringers according to the height of your deck and regulations as far as step height length and width. Then use more decking to install the treads.【Get Price】

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As the owner of a deck design/build firm I have found that very few projects are what might be called “standard.” Most have some element or site limitation that requires a creative solution — which in my area of Pennsylvania frequently means designing the deck to be freestanding instead of attached to the house.【Get Price】

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This situation with this deck is unique because the ledger board in this design was not a load bearing element. This deck is freestanding with two sets of posts and beams on which the joists sit. In most decks the ledger board is load bearing and the bolts go all the way【Get Price】

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To mark the center of a posthole hold a plumb bob a chalk line will work in a pinch with its string barely touching each layout line. Drive a stake or landscape spike into the ground to mark the spot. If the design calls for three or more posts supporting the same beam the middle posts do not require intersecting string lines.【Get Price】