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While a spindle or baluster can touch the deck they often have a bottom railing to hold them in place. Composite balusters never touch the deck and are held in place four inches or less from the top of the deck’s surface. On the flipside a post will touch the deck every time it’s used providing a steady support system.【Get Price】

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This calculator is intended to be used merely as a guideline to give you an idea of how much a deck may cost according to select variables materials and sizes. For example we set the cost of deck lighting at $400 USD which is an amount one could pay for deck lights. However you could spend considerably less or more.【Get Price】

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The average new deck installation costs $7698 with a typical range of $4165 and $11256. Labor and materials each make up roughly 50% of the budget for a total average cost of $30 to $60 per square foot. Expect to pay a total of $16000 for a 16-foot by 20-foot deck with footings posts【Get Price】

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Robust joint connections. The ends of deck joists and where joists rest on a beam must have adequate bearing area and attachment. IRC 2018 section R507.6.1 outlines the requirements: The ends of the joists must bear a minimum of 11/2 in. on wood or metal or a minimum of 3 in. on concrete or masonry for the full width of the joist.【Get Price】

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Last you divide 222.5” by 5” = 44.5. You’ll need 45 spindles to adequately cover a railing for two sides of your new 12’x8’ deck. Deck Baluster Spacing Calculator. Here’s the deck baluster spacing calculator that will tell you how many balusters you’ll need per the length of your railing.【Get Price】

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Deck Load Design and Calculations - Part 1. Part 2. If you are planning on building a raised deck as shown in Figure 1 it is important to determine the quantity positioning and size of the deck support columns that will support the load of the deck the dead load and the load which is created by the things that will go on the deck including you and your guests which is the live load.【Get Price】