can you deck board wider than 6inches

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When determining how to build a deck consider what type of deck board you’ll want. Composite decking boards installed with hidden fasteners create a clean look and low-maintenance finish. There are a variety of composite decking styles and colors to choose from. Pressure-treated wood decking is a common budget-friendly option that can be .【Get Price】

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For a truck deck or trailer you don& 39;t want to use anything wider than a 2x8 myself I will only go as wide as a 2x6. A boards strength when it stands vertical edge up not laying flat so a wide 2 inch board will split. To get the strength you have to use tounge and groove truck decking it is expensive but it makes it stronger.【Get Price】

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The ledger board must by 2 x material with a width equal to or greater than the width of the deck joists. You must attach the ledger board to the floor framing behind siding using through-bolts and washers or 1/2-inch lag screws. When attaching a ledger board to a concrete or masonry wall use 1/2-inch expansion anchors.【Get Price】

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And since the deck is only 4" wider than the house it may not be such a big deal to have the ledger stop at the end of the house and the rim joist of the deck extend past the extra 4". However you may wish to flash and cover the exposed end of the ledger board at the end of the house.【Get Price】

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You chose a board which is 8 ft long and 6 in wide. Convert the width from inches to feet - simply divide the value by 12: 6 in / 12 = 0.5 ft. Let& 39;s calculate the square footage of one decking board: 8 ft * 0.5 ft = 4 ft². Now we can calculate the number of decking boards needed. We divide the deck square footage by the board square footage .【Get Price】

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If we install a typical 1×6 Ipe decking board today using our weather conditions of 90% humidity and 96 while assuming the wood is 5.5″ wide it will maintain that width through the heat and humidity; however as we draw into the fall season both the heat and humidity begin to drop.【Get Price】

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If you are on a tight budget then the more flexible you can be about the board size you choose the wider your choice will be. If it’s the case that you are completely open-minded then you’ll be able to avail of special offers choose shorter cheaper boards or even use a mix of board lengths and widths inventively in order to reduce costs.【Get Price】

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The thing is if you master flips you’ll probably don’t have any problems on a wider board. In general you want trucks to be proportional to your deck’s width. You should also take your wheel size into consideration. When you ride a wider board let’s say 8.5 and above you might consider bigger wheels.【Get Price】

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42" 42 in or 106 cm Rail Height Square Ballusters Adjustable up to 48" wide opening 47.5 in or 120 cm actual width can be cut 42" 42 in or 106 cm Rail Height Round Ballusters Adjustable up to 48" wide opening 47.5 in or 120 cm actual width can be cut Hardware Pack. 2 Adjustable Self-Closing Hinges; 1 Locking Hasp With Keys【Get Price】

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Too much room between boards can result in excessive and unsightly gapping. Too little room in-between deck board spacing and your deck boards could buckle when they expand. offers two different material types of decking: capped polymer and capped composite. These materials require different considerations for end-to-end deck board .【Get Price】

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Fasteners can loosen and your deck can wind up with uneven and unsightly wide gaps between the boards. If you& 39;re unsure whether a board is too wet compare its weight with that of an untreated board the same size; if it& 39;s twice as heavy and feels damp it may need time to dry. You can “sticker” the wood and let it dry for a few weeks.【Get Price】

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Center your longest deck board along that 45-degree angle as you will work from the center plank outwards. Starting the longest board in the center will reduce the number of butt joints necessary in your project. Using the deck fastener of your choice attach the first deck board to the deck joists at each intersection. With the first board .【Get Price】

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At the ends of the deck boards allow a minimum of 1/16" gap for every 20 F of difference between the installation temperature and the hottest temperature expected. Allow a 1/4" gap between the deck boards and between all decking and any permanent structure or post for water runoff. For more information refer to the installation instructions.【Get Price】

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A 5/4”x6” deck board is rated for 12” OC and 16” OC and a 2”x6” plank can span that plus 24” OC. A 2”x6” plank will flex more when supported at 24” OC than the other two distances and a 5/”x6” will flex more at 16” OC than at 12” OC. The two most common deck board thicknesses are 5/4” and 2”. Greater .【Get Price】

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A skateboard deck is an actual platform on which you stand on and ride. If it’s too wide you will feel the need to exert more power. And if too narrow relative to height and shoe size you will feel unstable. Therefore this is an important step. Width. Deck sizes come in small macro mini and full.【Get Price】

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In the case of a rectangular deck you could lay out the joists on the ledger on a set of sawhorses before you install it. But if the deck will have a number of angles or is very long it is easier if you lay out with the ledger installed on the house first. Read this article to determine your joist spacing. In our example joists are 16" on .【Get Price】