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Elastizell concrete is produced by mixing Elastizell expansion material into a properly designed cementitious mixture. Elastizell Roof Decks are cast over galvanized steel decking corrugated or fluted precast or cast-in-place concrete and wood. They provide:【Get Price】

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For the ultimate strong smooth finish over concrete precast steel deck wood frame and old cracked lightweight concrete specify Commercial Topping. Commercial Topping an Eco-Friendly building product is an ideal solution for sustainable building projects.【Get Price】

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Lightweight structural concrete is actually so because of the aggregate and not the cement. Various aggregate recipes use various light or "lighter" weight materials to reduce the weight of concrete by as much as 35 to 40%. This lightweight concrete still runs 90-115 pounds per cubic foot which is still a heavy material.【Get Price】

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Topping concrete is defined as a layer of high strength concrete placed on an old worn out concrete surface to provide a dense abrasion-resistant surface to increase structural depth and strength of the base concrete. Fig 1: Section of topping concrete over existing slab.【Get Price】

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SAKRETE concrete topping and resurfacing products offer an easy-to-use cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement and will your concrete surfaces to a like-new finish. Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer – Polymer modified concrete resurfacing material requiring only the addition of clean potable water. Use for resurfacing concrete .【Get Price】

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Lightweight concrete can also be applied as a topping slab over structural concrete decks. In LWIC appli ions the EPS board is set in a slurry coat of lightweight concrete and allowed to set up for up to 24 hours. The lightweight concrete is then poured over the EPS on the following day.【Get Price】

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Standard-Grade Self-Leveling Topping/Underlayment. DESCRIPTION FLOOR-TOP STG is a standard traffic-grade single-component shrinkage-compensated self-leveling floor topping and underlayment that may be pumped or poured. FLOOR-TOP STG is specially designed to smooth out uneven rough or minor deteriorated interior concrete floors. USES【Get Price】

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Structural light-weight concrete has been used for bridge decks piers and beams slabs and wall elements in concrete and steel buildings parking structures tilt-up walls topping slabs and composite slabs on metal decking.【Get Price】


structural concrete slab supported by the structural steel frame and the concrete topping slab above Fig. 5 . The objective of the analysis was to study the effect of the link properties that is stiffness Fig. 1: Typical components of a plaza deck system Fig. 2: Cracking and concrete spalling of topping slab plaza deck system 【Get Price】

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Ultra-thin toppings ideal for adding color and texture to new or existing concrete A stained concrete microtopping adds warmth and richness to a residential floor.Concrete Arts in HudsonWI Cement-based microtoppings and skim coats can be used both indoors and out to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments such as stains dyes and .【Get Price】

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Both Uberdek and Skraffino can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces and accept all forms of concrete coloring. Popular uses for Uberdek polymer modified concrete and Skraffino micro topping include pool decks patios driveways sidewalks stairs exterior entertainment areas and decorative finishing of exterior vertical surfaces.【Get Price】


ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE TOPPING AUS Decking Inc. > ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE TOPPING Formally West Coast Light Weight Concrete AUS has specialized in concrete toppings for 35 years. From elevated walkways to balconies and terraces we can cover all exterior areas of wood-framed construction.【Get Price】

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structural lightweight concrete can be provided economically. Reference Standards are incorporated in this guide specifi ion and an appendix lists additional publi ions that will help the architect/engineer/designer prepare concrete specifi ions. ASTM publi ion STP 169 C provides a comprehensive overview of structural lightweight concrete.【Get Price】

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insulating slope-to-drain deck topping typically has a density in the range from 20 to 40 pcf. Structural concrete—normal-weight structural concrete and lightweight structural concrete—is produced by mixing large and small aggregates Portland cement water and in some instances ad- mixtures such as fly ash or various chemical additives.【Get Price】

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Designed for use in multi-family commercial and institutional buildings with light-gauge steel framing and a corrugated steel deck FIRM-FILL CMD is a lightweight high-strength gypsum concrete floor underlayment. Installed at 1" above the top of the flutes FIRM-FILL CMD reduces deadloads and thickness significantly lowering costs.【Get Price】

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Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete is available in four mix designs: ZIC NVS Insulcel and Zonocel. The four designs represent a range of compressive and tensile strengths allowing a choice of system based on substrate and specific project circumstances. Each design encapsulates the insulation board in insulating concrete.【Get Price】

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Composite Lightweight Concrete Floors According to EN 1994-1-1:2005 composite slab is composed of profiled steel decking with an in situ reinforced concrete topping. Not only does the deck acts as a permanent formwork to the concrete but also provides adequate shear bond with the concrete.【Get Price】

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These thin-section overlays run the spectrum from spray deck products for driveways and pool decks to high-end trowel-grade materials for interior residential and commercial spaces. Stampable overlays Toppings that allow you to repli e the look of natural stone and other building materials on patios driveways floors or even walls.【Get Price】