can i secure a pergola to the outside of my deck

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If you anchor it to the deck boards a wind will simply tear the deck boards off. Get underneath the deck and SECURELY install blocking 4X6 6X6 etc. between the joists where the legs will be attached to the deck. Then through bolt the flanges of the pergola thru those blocks.【Get Price】

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Posts for this pergola pass through the deck and are supported by the Deck Foot Anchor. Pergola Footings that Install with an Impact wrench and support 19000 lbs This footing system drives into the soil using a common lightweight hand held electric impact wrench.【Get Price】


Arched Pergola Kit the posts are recessed back 12 inches from the edge of the roof. This places your posts at 8& 39; x 10& 39; to the outside 4 corners of the posts and at 7& 39; 6 1/2" x 9& 39; 6 1/2" on center. If you are certain this is what you want you can do the footings before ordering your Structure and before you【Get Price】

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An outdoor pergola is a great way to shield your patio from the harsh rays of the sun while you sit out and enjoy the summer weather. The pergola can either be attached to the house or constructed as a free-standing entity. In either case you will need to anchor the posts onto concrete.【Get Price】

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Either method would work. That’s because when putting a pergola into the ground it would not be touching the earth. You would pour cement into the hole dug for the Pergola. Click on the link below to see both methods.【Get Price】

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I don’t want to attach the pergola to the house though. My idea for the pergola is this: Place 4x4x10’ posts at the same lo ions as the deck posts. These would pass thru the deck floor and rest on the beams below. For the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck A B D E lag-bolt the new posts to the adjacent joists.【Get Price】

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I am redoing my deck this year removing old PT decking boards and replacing them with cedar. Due to the sloping of the lot the deck is about 4 feet of the ground. I was planning on adding a pergola over part of the deck. The pergola would be 8’ x 8’square 8” high. I was thinking of going with 6” x 6” post.【Get Price】

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It is great that the old pergola in my yard has exposed brackets so that we can show you what it looks like but you can bet that as soon as I finish re-designing my yard the new pergola will have a much cleaner look at the base Trim pieces – a necessity 【Get Price】

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Fabric Top Pergola Covers. There are several choices of fabric for covering a pergola. Of course you can’t just throw a piece of cloth over the pergola. You need a way to secure it and — if you live in a snowy climate — a way to easily remove it for the winter.【Get Price】

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Pergolas are structures that provide shade over a deck or a patio during the summer months. A pergola can be a free standing structure or you can construct one that attaches to the side of your house. Building an attached pergola 16 feet by 20 feet on your deck can be done by first determining if your deck is big enough for this size of pergola.【Get Price】

Pergola posts installed in the ground or bolted to the patio .

I ripped out a deck and will be pouring a concrete patio in its place. The patio will be covered with a tiki style roof. Would the new roof be more secure with the posts anchored into the soil prior to pouring the concrete or bolted into the patio? I& 39;m thinking anchoring the posts in the ground would hasten rot sooner than if they were anchored to the concrete.【Get Price】

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A pergola on a deck is a simple outdoor structure that blurs the boundary between inside and out while providing overhead shade. This addition is great for families who want to be outside during peak sun times without scorching. The canopy and rafters minimize sunlight for a few hours each day.【Get Price】

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The part that has me concerned is mounting to the deck surface. My original thought was put those one inch metal separates mount it down with one of those mason expansion bolts into the concrete deck erect the 6" posts and have at it. City code states that it "lightweight patio covers may be supported with 3 ft. deep spot piers."【Get Price】

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It is very important to properly attach pergola posts when installing a pergola over a deck. The main concern is how the structure will react under high wind conditions. Most deck builders bolt pergola support posts to the frame of the deck using 2 1/2" x 6" lag screws with washers per post. This technique is the same as attaching a rail post.【Get Price】

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A pergola is an outdoor shade structure typically composed of four posts and a series of wooden rafters. Grow vines over a pergola or add lattice to its top to make a shady summertime picnic area..【Get Price】