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Economical practical solutions for steep-faced embankments. TensarTech reinforced soil solutions using Tensar Technology are not only environmentally attractive with vegetated faces and simple to construct but can even offer large cost savings – as much as 75% – over alternative methods.【Get Price】

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An alternative to Reinforced Earth the green wall system can be used for bridge abutments ramp walls or retaining walls. Using galvanised steel TerraTrel or geo-synthetic straps GeoTrel for retaining. The walls can be battered to a 45 degree slope or vertical. Over 325000 sqm were supplied in 2017 and 2018【Get Price】

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The Reinforced Earth retaining walls forming the north of the underpass on the A465 Heads of the Valley road at Carno are up to 33m high making it the highest structure of its type constructed in the UK. The design of the three-tier 33m high Reinforced Earth retaining walls was technically challenging.【Get Price】

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In total 26 structures benefitted from Reinforced Earth walls with approximately 11000 square metres being supplied. The system used was the Terraquad square panel facing nominally 1.5 m sq panels with either high adherence galvanised steel reinforcing strap in the rail structures or Geostrap polymeric reinforcement in the highway structures.【Get Price】

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Reinforced Soil Slopes and Walls The purpose of a retaining wall is to restrain soil and resist pressure of the soil that it is holding back. Defined as a structure that is 70 degrees or higher a reinforced soil wall combines a wrapping system of geogrids and geotextiles to create a slope which would not be possible otherwise.【Get Price】

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GeoTrel is a geo-synthetic retaining strap and galvanised mesh retaining wall structure. Either mineral or green finished the structure can be sloped for embankments retaining walls or abutments. TerraTrel is a galvanised steel retaining strip and mesh faced retaining wall structure.【Get Price】

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Allan Block Reinforced Wall System: The Block’s built-in features make their retaining walls easy to engineer and simple to build. For walls up to around 1.4m the blocks can be utilised by themselves to build a basic gravity wall system. For taller wall projects a Geogrid can be used to reinforce the wall and the earth contained behind it.【Get Price】

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Reinforced Earth Wall There are a variety of hard wall facings available for Reinforced Earth Walls including split face blocks precast concrete and gabion baskets. Learn More【Get Price】

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Retaining Structures Expertise. Tackling unique and challenging ground engineering projects provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate our adroitness and the proficiency we have gained in this specialist market and put them to practical use through a variety of resourceful and cost effective earth retaining wall installations including gravity and tie-back walls reinforced soil masonry .【Get Price】

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Precast Concrete Appli ions - Earth Retaining Walls. When you think of a retaining wall the most obvious type of appli ion is when they’re used for retaining earth. This can range from a small garden wall of a few hundred millimetres to a large earth embankment.【Get Price】

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- Retaining Walls - Embankments - Tunnel entrances - Access Ramps - Bridge Abutments. Keystone is a system of modular retaining wall units that are manufactured from high strength durable concrete which are laid dry and can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges.【Get Price】

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Earth Retaining Walls and Reinforced Slopes Engineers who need to maximise the area of development but are faced with difficult and varied terrain can choose from a wide range of earth retaining options – reinforced concrete gabions crib walls sheet piling and structural brickwork and more.【Get Price】

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TerraLink and TechWall are complementary technologies to traditional Reinforced Earth. Where Reinforced Earth is particularly useful in situations of creating embankments TerraLink and TechWall are useful in cuttings. T-Wall is suitable for all aspects of rapid installation of low level walls to over 20 meters and in wet conditions.【Get Price】

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Reinforced soil retaining walls use a reinforced bank of earth as the retaining structure. The earth wall is then faced with 300mm concrete lego blocks. The bank is constructed in layers of earth with a geogrid laid between them. The geogrid reinforces the earth so it acts as a single mass.【Get Price】

Retaining Walls Reinforced Earth Gabion We offer design .

Reinforced Earth Wall There are a variety of hard wall facings available for Reinforced Earth Walls including split face blocks precast concrete and gabion baskets.【Get Price】

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Welcome to Retaining Wall Solutions This is an edu ional website built for people looking to learn more about retaining walls. We have worked with suppliers and engineering specialists across the UK construction sector to develop this one-stop online platform for Retaining Wall Solutions. Inside the website you【Get Price】