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If you are tying the shed roof into an existing roof on the house you will need to remove the shingles and sheathing to expose the roof framing. You will need to attach the porch rafters to the house roof rafters and replace the roofing and flashing.【Get Price】

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Not only does the shed roof have a more attractive interesting appearance but roof shingles are a more durable roofing option and not much more difficult to install than standard mineral roofing felt which is the most common roofing material for sheds in this country. Make sure the roof structure is sound before you start. But first things .【Get Price】

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Determine your desired roof pitch. The term “pitch” refers to the slope of the roof. In order to adhere to standardized building codes and ensure adequate runoff your shed’s roof must have a pitch of at least 3-12 read as “three-in-twelve” .【Get Price】

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Install the roofing screws vertically along each rib in the panel. Place the first screw about 7 inches from the bottom and each subsequent screw about 18 to 24 inches apart along the vertical run. Secure the screws but do not overtighten. The washer under the screw head should seal to the surface of the panel without bulging or shifting.【Get Price】

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Adding a roof onto an existing porch can add a lot of character to the front of your home. Instead of just having an open porch installing a porch roof will enable the homeowner to be able to use the space during times of rain or intense sun. One of the major considerations of the porch roof is the support that will keep it from falling down.【Get Price】

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Install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house Image 1 allowing moisture to run away from house. Add 2x4 blocking for the porch floor to rest upon Image 2 . Add a ledger strip next to the house to allow the porch floor to be nailed to.【Get Price】

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The next step after installing deck boards on the front porch is to build the attic floor. The 2×8 joists covered with sheets of flooring material provide storage space in the attic. We left a 4-ft.-wide opening for easy access to the front and back loft areas but you could also cover the entire area with a floor and provide an access door or .【Get Price】

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Below in Additional Information is the Materials List and Construction Drawings for the Shed With a Front Porch July/August 2012. These are pdf files that you can download and print. Click the links below to download the construction drawings and material list for the 2012 shed .【Get Price】

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Calculate how many soffit board planks will be needed to fill the space from fascia to wall. If the calculations call for a final strip less than half the width of your soffit board-plank material begin by ripping the first section down to split the difference; this will ensure you have enough soffit plank width on your final section to adjust for slight variances in the square framing of the .【Get Price】

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Shed Installers. Resolve your storage dilemmas today with the help of The Home Depot’s shed installation program. Our experienced licensed and insured installation professionals will manage the delivery and construction of your new custom storage building from start to finish.【Get Price】

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Attach the end rafters to the wall plates of your shed frame. Lower the first rafter truss into place at either the front or back of the shed. Fasten the truss by driving 8D finishing nails at an angle down through the board just above the birdsmouth notch and into the underlying wall plate. Use 3 nails for each side.【Get Price】

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Using the same example we used for the shed roof – look how much height we get for the porch ceiling with a flat roof: The flat ceiling also allows for a second-story deck should you want that. From a functional stand point the hip roof is our first choice and the flat roof our second.【Get Price】

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Sheet the roof. Install the roof sheeting and nail in place with 8d nails every 8 inches. Stagger the joints for maximun strength. Once the sheeting is in place snap chalk lines and nail the field every 8 inches. Remove flying truss braces. Once the flying trusses are securely nailed to the sheeting you can remove their temporary braces. Buy .【Get Price】