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But all 454& 39;s are standard deck. Tall decks were only used in big trucks like the 366& 39;s in full size school buses and the 427 in big dump trucks. Pretty much only stuff that had big "18 wheeler" size wheels on it.【Get Price】

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The Mark IV went into production in 1965 displacing 396 ci. Mark IVs were subsequently made in versions of 427 and 454 cid; deck heights were 9.80 inches. What was kept under wraps at Daytona in.【Get Price】

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14044807 Big Block V8 454 tall deck 4 bolt Bowtie MkIV CNC prep Tall deck 4.25 bore or 4.495 bores 14096859 Big Block V8 502 4 bolt Generation V HO 24502504 Big Block V8 454 4 bolt Bowtie Generation V Race prep 9.8 short deck height 24502506 Big Block V8 454 tall deck 4 bolt Bowtie Generation V Race prep 10.2 tall deck height【Get Price】

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Chevy 441-454 Tall Deck CNC-Motorsports Chevy 441-454 short blocks have quickly raised the bar to a new level in offering high quality performance short blocks at an affordable price. CNC dart short blocks have become a huge hit among racers and performance enthusiast all over the world.【Get Price】

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How to tell the difference between a tall deck and a short deck 454? Use the casting number and look on Mortec that& 39;s the easy way. Otherwise measure from the top water pump hole to the deck surface. A standard deck block will be roughly.200" and the tall deck roughly.600".【Get Price】

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the standard BBC has a 9.8" deck height the TALL block has a 10.2" deck thats .400 taller so youll want to use standard 454 pistons to keep the cost low and make up the differance in connecting rod length for a better rod/stroke ratio.【Get Price】

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quote To Argosy24 quote A commercial truck 454 and the engine in a mh very likely aren& 39;t the same block. Yes they are. Been w/ Chevy dealers forever. Truck engines are 366CID. and ARE very different to the 454. quote 366 is the base big block tall deck truck engine as described in goob& 39;s post.【Get Price】

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the tall deck 427 block you have is a good place to start from the heads are far less desirable most guys building the tall deck blocks build a 496 stroker with a longer 6.385" connecting rod and 4.25" stroker crank and much lighter forged pistonsto take full advantage of the taller deck height the current pistons are far too heavy to .【Get Price】

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The 454 cost was about $3800 including the new Merlin heads and an Edelbrock performer intake. The old 454 heads could have been fitted with larger valves and some port work but the cost savings.【Get Price】

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I also agree that there is no such thing as a 454 tall decksince even pickup truck 454& 39;s are short deck passenger car motrs.Tall decks only came in straight jobs and school busesand only as a 366 or 427.【Get Price】

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Most likely it will have the exact same casting on it and say hp passenger if i remember right all low deck mark IV block will have the hp passenger casting truck or car. It probably is a 14015445 block There is a chance it will be a 4 bolt block.【Get Price】

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Trucks over 1 ton definitely had 454 engines available for a few years approx. 1979-1981 the question is would a 454 be a tall deck if in say a 7000 series truck. I don& 39;t even know what a 7000 series truck is in tons but it sure looks over 1 ton to me.【Get Price】

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NO the 396to454and 502 are all 9.800 the tall deck is the big truck block and only came as 366and 427 the tall deck blocks 10.200 deck all have four bolt mains mark 4 blocks have a 1/8 pipe plug up top of timing cover the deck is taller then the top water pump bolt by 5/16 or so and the 9.800 deck is 1/8【Get Price】

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Typical oem passenger blocks circa 6070s measured 396/402/427/454. The T engine tall deck 366/427. All these engines shared the 3.76 stroke aside from the 4" 454 passenger. The.400" increase in deck height with T engines allowed a 3rd compression ring to be used for heavy duty appli ions.【Get Price】

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Tall deck blocks all have "Truck" cast onto the block or in rare examples the word "Marine" which you should definitely avoid due to cooling issues with the marine block . If your motor came out of a Corvette look at the back of the block around the oil filter either above it or on the side of the bell housing flange .【Get Price】

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4 bolt main tall deck truck: 1401544: 1975-87: 454: 4.250: 4 bolt mains casting number mayalso be 14015445 3716323 : 396: 4.094: 2 and 4 bolt main with spin onoil .【Get Price】

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I figure this is about the max. on a stock early & 39;70& 39;s/& 39;80& 39;s P/U truck standard deck height 454 block. 4.350" b x 4.375" s = 520". Should drop right in imho.. AND yes a tall deck block can go upwards to 550" with the same.100" or.125" overbore 【Get Price】

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454 . Truck. 346236. 75-87. oval. OPEN. 454. 120cc . T = Tall deck Oval includes both "peanut" also called "round" ports and large oval ports【Get Price】

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4 bolt main tall deck truck: 1401544: 1975-87: 454: 4.250: 4 bolt mains casting number may also be 14015445 3716323???? 396: 4.094: 2 and 4 bolt main with spin on .【Get Price】

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There are short-deck 9.8-inch and tall-deck 10.2-inch versions of the Bowtie blocks and some feature splayed bolts on the center three main bearing caps for additional crankshaft support. This little luxury item won’t add any performance to your basic 600- to 800- hp big-block but it gives peace of mind when power levels exceed 900 hp.【Get Price】