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In architecture a deck is a flat surface capable of supporting weight similar to a floor but typically constructed outdoors often elevated from the ground and usually connected to a building. The term is a generalization of decks as found on ships.【Get Price】

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Flying Decks are used in the construction of high-rise buildings using pour-in-place floor forms that slide into the building. This system dramatically increases productivity reducing the need for restoring and increasing the speed of deck construction and corresponding labor to cut forwork time in half.【Get Price】

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The fire performance of floor and roof decking in heavy timber construction is however a critical concern in the renovation of older buildings. . Based on a series of tests of timber decks .【Get Price】

Deck building - Wikipedia

Decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola to control sunlight. Deck designs can be found in numerous books do-it-yourself magazines and websites and from the USDA. Typical construction is either of a post and beam architecture or a cantilever construction. The post and beam construction relies on posts anchored to piers in the ground.【Get Price】

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To simplify construction and reduce costs many porches today are built essentially like exterior decks with added roofs and an open balustrade or partial-height walls. Since porch floors get less exposure to rain and sun and are therefore less prone to crack and warp they can be built with less durable materials than open decks.【Get Price】

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The most common approach in residential structures is the use of helical piers. These are are a form of heavy-gauge galvanized steel piles with a large screw head welded to the bottom. The typical piling is 7 ft. long and screwed into the earth by heavy pneumatic equipment.【Get Price】

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The L.C. Whitford Co. Inc. LCW is well experienced in all types of bridge construction rehabilitation and maintenance. The company has performed a multitude of tasks ranging from large to small. LCW was the first contractor selected by GDOT to construct a composite steel grid deck with precast concrete slabs on the Interstates of Georgia.【Get Price】

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These decks rarely had roof insulation installed on them since energy was relatively cheap so typical construction might have called for a layer of rosin-treated paper followed by two layers of bitumen-impregnated roofing felt nailed followed by three more layers of 15 asphalt or pitch-impregnated organic roofing felt mopped together.【Get Price】

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The basic deck construction for this project consists of: The foundation and 4 x 4 posts; 2 x 10 beams; 2 x 4 diagonal bracing; 2 x 8 framing and joists; 5/4-inch decking; Stairs; Railings; For larger decks you can install parting boards — also called pattern boards — in the middle of the decking. These decking boards run perpendicular to .【Get Price】

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For many decks building stairways and railings will be the next step. Many decks other than ground-hugging platform decks will be required by building codes to have stairways and railings. Stairway construction can be quite compli ed especially if a deck is a high one where a stairway may even need to have a landing part way down.【Get Price】

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Do the Heavy Lifting With a Crane. In preparation for the crane that would move all the lumber from the driveway of the house into position for building the deck I cut all the beams to length and screwed the joists together in bundles of 15. Given the height of the deck and how heavy the beams and the 4x12 joists were hiring the crane might .【Get Price】

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American Institute of Timber Construction standards for tongue-and-groove heavy timber decking. S.P.I.B. No. 1 Grade lumber decking is standard and is used where construction requires the finest appearance and high strength. Alternate grades can be used upon request depending on span appearance requirements quantity and availability .【Get Price】

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Deck Construction Techniques There are a lot of deck construction techniques and tips that many people are not yet familiar with. This list will continue to grow and is based on my own experience and from other deck builders across the country.【Get Price】

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While the building code may be the same for deck attachment whether the deck is 2 feet or 10 feet above grade the consequences of deck failure are much greater for the elevated deck. Where deck ledger attachments are questionable the best approach is to build a freestanding deck supported on its own piers with angle bracing to prevent racking.【Get Price】

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Deck barge – a deck barge is a barge with a flat deck that is used both for transportation and construction support. The flat deck is capable of holding hundreds of tons of machinery such as cranes and excavators. The deck also serves as a platform for holding oversized objects such as bridge sections for coastwise or inland transportation.【Get Price】