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You can protect cedar posts by soaking the ends in a bucket filled with copper napthenate Jasco Copper Green Wood Preservative and others . It takes time for the chemical to fully penetrate but .【Get Price】

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Best way how to keep Cedar wood looking natural is using the least amount of tint colorant particulates in a stain as you can. These stains are of the Transparency line with any manufacture you are looking at. Most have a Transparency stain named Natural. However don& 39;t expect your Cedar wood to look exactly the same as before after staining.【Get Price】

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Pressure-treated posts won’t match the fence panels so I have to use cedar. How can I prevent new cedar posts from rotting? Lonny Wiles Ashville Ky. A: Editorial adviser Mike Guertin replies: You can’t stop the cedar from rotting but you can delay the decay. Start by overdigging the depth of the hole by at least 6 in. and backfill with .【Get Price】

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Staining and sealing outdoor wood is among the best ways to protect it from the elements. By Matt Weber Whether it’s pressure-treated cedar cypress redwood or even a high-end exotic hardwood the right care and maintenance will protect exterior wood and keep it in good shape for years. Staining and sealing outdoor wood is among the best ways to protect … 【Get Price】

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Cedar is one of the most popular fencing materials for privacy fences and other outdoor structures here in Boise. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to insects rot and warping however despite its hearty reputation cedar still requires proper maintenance to ensure its lovely appearance will last.【Get Price】

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Cedar has a number of characteristics that make it desirable for outdoor projects including decking siding and construction. Cedar takes on a wide variety of colors is low in pitch and resin has a pleasing aroma and resists decay and rotting. The aromatic compounds within cedar discourage most wood-damaging insects.【Get Price】

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A well-protected fence made of high-quality wood cedar spruce and pine may last about 5 years. To protect it from wear tear insects and rot consider staining rather than painting it since wood absorbs stain faster than paint. Raising the posts 2 to 5 inches from the ground help keep them away from the severe effects of moisture.【Get Price】

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Treating Cedar With Primer and Paint Paint is your best option for treating cedar if your only intent is protection. Paint& 39;s solids ward off light and light is the main contributor to the deterioration of cedar. Lighter colors last longer since they reflect light more efficiently than darker colors.【Get Price】

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Protect cedar posts with a sealant that repels water prevents fading and resists mildew. Simply paint the sealant on the posts with a brush. Use long overlapping strokes in order to assure thorough coverage. Do not apply more protectant than the wood will absorb however as the excess will leave a shiny area on the surface.【Get Price】

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Full shade can’t protect a fence from water and can actually contribute to mildew and mold. Thus a great deal depends on how wet your fence gets. To be on the safe side I recommend taking care of the staining process just as soon as your cedar “dries out.” This is a process that takes about 5 weeks under normal circumstances.【Get Price】

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This is the best deck treatment for your cedar deck. This is an oil-based sealer with no water base. A water-based treatment means that it is more likely to wear off in a short amount of time but it also has UV protection.【Get Price】

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how long a cedar fence lasts is a function of weather conditions and exposure - 15 years isn& 39;t bad and sounds like where you founnd the problem is the pieces that have a lot of nail penetration and are in a position to have water lay on them after rains like the rails - using galvanized nails helps using an oil like CWF will help as will .【Get Price】

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Ready Seal 525 Wood Stain and Sealer is an oil-based sealer with a semi-transparent. This formula helps improve the natural look of cedar swing sets by offering excellent visibility to its texture as well as it’s grains. If you are looking for the best wood sealer for cedar play set then consider using this product.【Get Price】

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Repeated brush treatment of Western Red Cedar until the wood no longer absorbs any more products known as the point of refusal will enhance the durability of the finish. The more water-repellent finish absorbed by the wood the longer the service life. Liberal amounts of water-repellent should be applied to the end grain of deck boards.【Get Price】

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While cedar stands up to the elements fairly well on its own putting a seal or a coat of paint on it can enhance the color and protect the wood from inclement weather. Left unstained cedar’s red hue will fade to gray within about a year. The wood’s structural integrity . . . Read more【Get Price】

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Test for absorption. Before sealing cedar posts be sure to complete a water test. Proper water testing will ensure the wood is ready to accept protecting sealants. Simply sprinkle water on the surface of the wood. If it soaks in the post should be sealed. If the water beads up or stands on the surface the posts do not need to be sealed.【Get Price】