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Fence wire. Zareba& 39;s high-tensile wire is 12.5-gauge aluminized steel wire featuring a breaking load of 1500 pounds and a tensile strength of 200000 psi. We offer spools of high-tensile wire in varying lengths from 1000 feet up to 2 miles. Insulators. Pin lock or tube insulators are the recommended choice for line posts in high-tensile fencing.【Get Price】

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How to Build a Hi-Tensile Fence - A Pictoral Guide. Building a Multi-Strand Hi-Tensile Fence. for the Beginning Farmer. Photo credits to: Rebecca Book. July 20th 2009: I just returned from a few days of building fence in Iowa. Wow they have some nice "dirt" up there compared to here in the Ozarks of Missouri 【Get Price】

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Vic and Cindy Madsen hosted a high-tensile fence building workshop with professional fence builder Jason Schmidt on Saturday July 9th. If you weren’t able to come here is a step-by-step guide on how to build this style of fence. Step 1. Dig holes for the corner posts.【Get Price】

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High Tensile Roll. Designed for permanent electric or non-electric livestock fencing. Made in the USA. 12½ Gauge Class 3 galvanized 200000 PSI minimum tensile strength 4000′ roll length. 100 lbs. $112.90: Spinning Jenny. Used to uncoil high tensile wire $55.90 Wire Strainers. Used to tighten wire to proper tension.【Get Price】

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High-Tensile Accessories High-Tensile Fence Accessories A properly installed high-tensile fence is a strong clean barrier that controls livestock and will last over 40 years in most areas with minimal maintenance.【Get Price】

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The high tensile wire and fixed knot design combine to make a virtually indestructible product saving you money on labor and materials. When you build with The 50-Year Fence you can use approximately 50% less posts by increasing the post spacing.【Get Price】

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White Lightning. Made in the USA White Lightning is a 5/16″ diameter Horse Friendly Electric fence wire using 12½ ga. high tensile wire surrounded by a unique co-palmer white for visibility and black for conductive electric fence. 1320 foot rolls 50 lbs.【Get Price】

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Planning and Installing High-Tensile The six-wire fence is a popular high-tensile fence. It can be electrified to make it more secure but it will generally keep stock from escaping even if the electric is off for an extended period of time.【Get Price】

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Attach 5 strands of galvanized wire to the rod and lace through each fence wire. Bend the top of the ground wire bundle into a loop and staple home to a post. Electric fence Your high tensile fence can be easily electrified using new high voltage low impedance type energizers.【Get Price】

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Three to five strands of high tensile wire* including one or two of electrified Super Rope * make an effective equine fence. Super Rope a large diameter white polywire and white fiberglass Superrod Posts and Superlife Battens improve visibility so that a fence is safer for horses.【Get Price】

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All are variations of the single end brace The comer and end braces are the most important elements of the high tensile fence system. Particular attention must be paid to their construction and installation. For hand-set posts the anchor post must have a lug at the bottom on the side opposite the direction of pull.【Get Price】

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each board spans two or more posts. High tensile non-energized fences High tensile smooth wire fences are becoming increasingly popular for farm fences. These fences are typically constructed with four 4 to ten 10 smooth wires. A six- 6 strand high tensile fence will provide adequate control of【Get Price】

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anchor a high tensile fence and support its weight T-Posts page 7 which hold the fence vertical Bosses page 7 which also hold the fence vertical but provide extra support along the fence where there are severe dips hips humps and ledges in the fence line a BRACES i Brace Components The Brace is designed to keep the fence ten-【Get Price】

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Line Posts. PasturePro line posts are a permanent line post solution for high-tensile electric fence. Call 1-800-563-6771 to speak with a fence specialist.【Get Price】

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That& 39;s because you can spread your line posts up to 50 feet whereas barbed wire posts must be placed every 8-10 feet. This also means less work setting posts. You can probably install a six-wire hi-tensile fence cheaper and easier than a four-wire barbed wire fence. Strong hi-tensile fencing is strong.【Get Price】