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Deck Height Crank C/L Deck Deck Clearance: Note: This only refers to the piston being above or below deck. The positive or negative value must be reversed when this number is used to calculate compresion ratio. A piston above deck subtracts from chamber volume and below deck adds to chamber volume.【Get Price】

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The tall deck 9.325-inch small-block Iron Eagle block for example offers the ability to build a small-block out to 460 inches. So there’s plenty to think about when it comes to deck heights. None of this is rocket science but it does deserve attention to detail. Deck Heights of Popular Domestic V8 Engines . Chevy【Get Price】

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Any body know the deck clearance on a stock type 429 or 460 piston. I have a 436 in a & 39;70 torino with D2VE-AA heads with 2.19/1.76 valves. I also have a set of bare D0VE that I was thinking of putting the valvesspringsetc. in. So Im trying to figure out the compression ratio to see if there is.【Get Price】

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Most people want zero deck but in the case of the Speed-Pro& 39;s I usually deck to just 10.300" because this is the deck height that most piston manufacture& 39;s take into account when making their 460 pistons. If a particular engine is very high performance and using Speed-Pro& 39;s well deck accordingly/below 10.300". 【Get Price】

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Ring pack assembly begins with first checking for minimum top ring gap. Place the ring about 1" down the bore use a piston upside down to square the ring . Using a feeler guage to measure the gap. A naturally aspirated motor should run at least 0.0045" of top ring gap for each 1 inch of bore. Thus our 460 calculated as: 4.36" x 0.0045" = 0.020".【Get Price】

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Motor: Size: Deck Height: Bore: Stroke: Rod Length: Rod Journal: Rod Width: Max. Comp. Dist. Buick nail head: 364 : 3.40 : 401 : 3.64: 6.219: 2.2495.967 : 425 : 3.64 .【Get Price】

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Brian all of this is hypothetical on my part because I am just building this 460 and have never run one before but. The commonly accepted maximim piston to head clearance is.060" for good quench. If your slug is.040 in the hole add.041 for the gasket and that gets you a.081" quench. Not good from the research I& 39;ve done.【Get Price】

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CID 460 Engine Size 7.5L/460 Beginning Year 1972 Ending Year 1990 Engine Family Ford big block 385 Series Rod Length 6.605 in. Stroke 3.850 in. Appli ion Notes Deck clearance: 0.036 in. Skirt clearance: 0.0040 in. Weight: 695g. Approximate compression ratios: 11.07:1 with 72cc 10.91:1 with 73.5cc 10.57:1 with 77cc 9.33:1 with 92cc and 8 .【Get Price】