how to patch a hole in wood floor

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Brent Kelosky a wood flooring specialist describes two ways to replace a damaged section of hardwood floor. If the damage is through the entire board the fix requires removing the damaged piece down to the subfloor with a router.【Get Price】

How to Patch Scratches and Small Holes in Hardwood Floors .

Choose a wood filler that matches the color of your hardwood floor. Use a putty knife to put the putty into the holes in small quantities and press it down so it fills the holes completely. Apply a bit of extra putty over the hole so you have a small mound.【Get Price】

How to Plug a Hole in a Wooden Floor - DIY Fixes for Old Homes

Use your hole saw or spade bit to size out the original hole. You may need to make sure the hole is an even diameter. After that match it to the size of your plug cutter. Once you& 39;ve got your plug.【Get Price】

How to Patch a Damaged Hardwood Floor: 11 Steps with Pictures

Bore a hole through each end of the damaged board that is about 1 inch 2.54 cm in diameter using a sharp spade bit on your drill. Upon installation tongue and grove hardwood floors are locked into place; this step will allow you to remove them. 5【Get Price】

How to Fill Large Holes in Wood Using Epoxy

The hole might form since the wood material is existed or is established from accidents. To repair the wood you need to fill the hole on it. Understanding the proper steps on how to fill large holes in wood is the key. Below you can read how to do it by using epoxy for wood furniture and wood floor.【Get Price】

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With wood floor you generally have to remove more than what you need to patch before you start laying new pieces. I’m just focusing on patching the subfloor in this post to keep it simple. The first step is to put some “dead wood” underneath the hole so you have a way to secure the patch.【Get Price】

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Fill the empty space with hardwood This is a good point to double check that you are using the right wood in your patch. At the bare minimum make sure you are using the same widths and species of wood. And if you can use wood of the same age particularly if you are patching maple.【Get Price】

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You can fill up pipe and conduit holes using wood plugs that are the same size as the holes and the same wood species as the existing floor. Here’s how to repair a pipe or conduit hole in a hardwood floor. Step 1: If the holes penetrate through the subfloor install a new subfloor base to fit beneath the wood plug.【Get Price】

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In the case of shallowly applied wood filler you can begin sanding once the product has dried somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the depth of the repair. For deeper holes wood .【Get Price】

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Draw a line for the cut then use a sharp chisel 1 in. or wider to carefully cut the line through the top 1/8 in. of the flooring to create a crisp edge that defines the new butt joint. With a spade bit drill three relief holes next to the layout line to remove the bulk of the wood.【Get Price】

How To Fill And Repair Cracks In Wood Paneling

For damage on wood paneling that is deeper such as a hole or scratches the solution is to use wax or sticky putty. The wax is applied to the holes using a putty knife. In the case of scratches apply it like a crayon and simply color it.【Get Price】

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For repairing big holes use a round plug larger in diameter than the hole to drill out the hole until you hit the sub-floor. Then cut a piece of timber the correct thickness and size to fill the opening so it’s flush with the bottom of the flooring and bond into hole with good quality bonding agent such as wood glue.【Get Price】

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The tool for this: an iron. Dampen a corner of a cloth not the whole thing because you don’t want to drip all over the wood . Position the damp area over the dent and use the tip of the iron over.【Get Price】

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Patching Hardwood Floors Because tongue-and-groove boards are locked in place removal involves cutting out the middle of each damaged board. The easiest way is to bore a 1-in.-dia. hole through both ends of each damaged board. Then use a circular saw to connect the two holes.【Get Price】

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We put wood glue on the base of our hole in the floor and then also around the sides of the plug and then put it into place. We made sure the plug was completely formed to the hole by tapping it in with a hammer with a piece of scrap lumber over top of the plug so we didn& 39;t dent it .【Get Price】

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Then fill the nail holes with putty. If you have access to one a pneumatic nail gun drives a small-diameter nail that& 39;s easy to hide. If you& 39;re going to sand and refinish the floor the old and new boards should match fairly well. If not blend in the repair by mixing wood stain and practicing on scrap until you have a good match.【Get Price】

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The most reliable way to match the color of a species of wood to fill holes in a wood floor is to mix sawdust from that wood species with glue. Don& 39;t use just any glue though or it may discolor the sawdust. Avoid PVA or carpenter& 39;s glue. No matter what type of sawdust you mix the final color will be a dull yellow or even gray.【Get Price】

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Apply wood glue to the hole in the floor. Make sure all the wood is covered with glue. Re-secure the Dutchman and wipe off excess glue with a rag. Tape around the patch and let it sit overnight.【Get Price】

Repair a Nail Hole in a Hardwood Floor

Hold a scraper at a 45-degree angle with the blade flat on the wood; firmly draw it over the site of repair to ensure a smooth surface. Use a cloth that has been lightly dampened with water to clean any excess filler from around the nail hole. Leave your work to dry for at least 24 hours or in accordance with the instructions.【Get Price】