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When this happens you have two options: resurface the entire pool deck or patch the problematic spots. Patching makes the most sense when there are only a few small areas of spalling. If a majority of the surface is affected resurfacing is the best solution. The patching process is very similar to filling.【Get Price】

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Plaster is the least expensive pool finishing option. Another pro is the smooth surface of plaster. Finally pool owners may choose colors other than white for their plaster finish. Please note though that the color you choose mainly affects water color.【Get Price】

Contractor or DIY: What are your pool deck resurfacing options?

What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing? Is pool deck resurfacing on your to-do list this season? We know saving money is a top concern these days. Homeowners are figuring out which projects they can undertake without the help of an expert to decrease the costs. Read more to find out if you need a contractor to resurface your pool’s deck or if this is .【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Resurfacing. Texture-Dek is a beautiful hand-applied textured topping designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These textured toppings provide a non-skid surface and add beautiful aesthetic to your decking area in a variety of color options.【Get Price】

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With concrete resurfacing a coating is placed on top of your existing pool deck giving you a renovated look without the mess and hassle of ripping out any concrete. And your existing surface doesn’t have to be in great shape—cracked chipped and spalled concrete can also be resurfaced.【Get Price】

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There are many different resurfacing options to consider that can help give your pool a fresh look. When making your final decision for your pool resurfacing project think about what’s best for you your family your home value and your wallet. And remember keeping the interior of your swimming pool and pool deck well maintained and in .【Get Price】

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There are many benefits to having your swimming pool resurfaced from increasing the lifespan to maintaining a safe backyard environment. Our team is more than qualified to help you resurface everything from the pool and spa to your deck patio and everything in between. We have many options available including but not limited to:【Get Price】

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Soft Crete is the ideal choice for pool deck resurfacing. Our rubber decks are decorative and slip-resistant Whether you’re building a brand new pool or looking to resurface an old surround Soft Crete’s small granule design makes for a smooth flexible finish.【Get Price】

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With Olympic Patio Tones Deck and coating you can easily give your swimming pool as well as deck surface a fresh and updated look. You only need to choose the ideal tone for your patio surface apply the paint and enjoy as your deck gets a new life and change your outdoor area.【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Resurfacing and Repair Why concrete coatings are such a popular choice for pool deck repair: Homeowners and commercial property owners love concrete coatings because they’re durable easy to maintain and they can be customized with colors textures and patterns of your choice. Contact your local contractor to get an estimate.【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Options Compared If you own a concrete pool deck or patio that was installed poured forty thirty twenty or even just ten years ago chances are that it has developed a number of structural problems.【Get Price】

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Tools One option for cleaning damaged pool decks is to use a shot blaster. Shot-blasting is one tool that will aid in leveling a floor cleaning and sanding concrete. Another tool that is used to prepare and clean the damaged concrete is a pressure washer.【Get Price】

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Determine your Pool Deck Resurfacing Options. In many cases there will be a variety of opportunities in resurfacing pool decks at your disposal. By contacting a reputable and professional decorative concrete service they will inspect your existing surfaces to determine your available options.【Get Price】

Contractor or DIY: What are your pool deck resurfacing options?

Depending on the scope of the pool deck resurfacing project the renovations can be more similar to a regular construction project. A typical pool deck resurfacing project may include etching and grounding to prepare the top pressure washing mixing and applying the new product spraying rolling troweling and sealing.【Get Price】