can composite decking be put directly on concrete

Can composite decking be installed over concrete?

You cannot simply screw decking boards directly to the concrete slab itself. You need to have battening in place for the decking to sit on. The battening also protects the timber from direct contact with the chemicals in the concrete which can cause the timber deck boards to rot quickly.【Get Price】

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you dont need to worry about the dpc with decking. it is free draining and does not cause a problem as a patio would do. You can lay onto the concrete. do not put dpm under it as it will just hold the water. when we lay over concrete we use short legs of 4 x 2 to give support to the joists to stop them moving. the weight of the structure will hold it in place.【Get Price】

Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete patio

The first and most sturdy is to set rot-proof posts into concrete around the perimeter of the deck. Or you can use surface fasteners to attach the posts directly to the deck. When using surface fasteners to secure railing to a composite deck joist lo ion may affect the ease price and method of the installation of the railing system.【Get Price】

can i glue composite decks to concrete

Frequently Asked Questions - Veranda Composite DeckingVeranda composite decking products can be stored in the same way you would Glue is a supplemental adhesive and should never replace fasteners especially in joists over the concrete and then fasten the decking to the support joists.【Get Price】

installing composite decking directly on concrete patio

How to Attach Composite Decking to Concrete; How to Install Tile Over . Can you put decking directly on a concrete slab without ...>> Installing composite decking directly on concrete patio. Can we build a composite deck over an old concrete . composite deck planks cannot be installed directly over . Can we build a ...>> installing .【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio DIY

If you run sleepers parallel to the house and set them directly on the concrete each sleeper will block runoff. But with spacers water can run under the sleepers. Spacers allow for longer decking screws. We wanted to use Cortex screws which come with cover plugs made from the same material as the decking.【Get Price】

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You can install composite decking directly on concrete most especially if the concrete is old and needs replacement. If the concrete around your house has become an eyesore it is possible to improve your yard without tearing it out. Concrete is good for outdoor space but like other home structures it can crack or tear.【Get Price】

can decking be laid directly on concrete

Ground Level Deck - Decks.comMany composite manufacturers require ventilation below their decking products and Some builders build ground level decks directly on top of existing concrete patios using sleepers. You can lay 2x6 sleepers on top of the concrete slab.【Get Price】

Can Composite Decking Be Installed Directly To A Concrete Slab

Note there is no warranty with the composite decking as it violates the install . deck boards directly to the concrete . composite decking over a concrete slab..>> How do you install railings on concrete . The Secure Mount Post can be installed directly on composite decks or concrete surfaces .【Get Price】

can composite decking be laid directly on the ground

If you live in a climate where the ground freezes allow an extra 1/2 in. so that seasonal “frost heave” can raise the Shim the sleepers for the deck with spacers and composite shims. You could lay your sleepers directly on the concrete but we bought a 1/2-in. Get Prices 【Get Price】

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You would need to build a frame on top of the concrete similar to a normal deck. The framing could be smaller than normal 2" x 2" and it would be secured directly to the concrete. The distancing of the "joists" would be the same as what the decking calls for. The reason for the frame is that the composite decking still need to be aired out.【Get Price】