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The molex plug that provides the input voltage to the driver board can also have problems. On WPC-95 J129 supplies the voltage that gets rectified to 5 volts. On WPC-S and prior J101 handles this. Also check the main power plugs that supply 5 and 12 volts to the power driver boards. On WPC-S and prior this is J114. On WPC-95 this is J101.【Get Price】

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If the problem still exists inconsistent CPU booting the problem is on the CPU board itself. To "go around" the POR section of the board you can do a simple test. After attempting to boot the CPU board ground the /RESET line on the CPU chip pin 40 of U15 momentarily with a test clip.【Get Price】

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WPC LEDs Explained It has come to our attention that many people do not understand the page in the manual describing what each L.E.D indi es. The two illustrations to the right detail the LED’s used on both the CPU and Power Driver board.【Get Price】

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Williams - WPC Released Wide body games like Atari& 39;s Atarians Middle Earth Space Riders etc. are easy to move other than being heavy and wide. The headboard comes off - there is a small access panel on the upper rear wall of the headboard and the key should be hanging inside the game on the coin door or inside cabinet wall s .【Get Price】

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Title: Williams Pinball Troubleshooting and Reference Manual Author: James T. Hawes Subject: Scanned by www.gamearchive.com Keywords: Pinball repair troubleshooting【Get Price】

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The game would stay in test mode for about 8-10 seconds boot up but no sound whatsoever. After making sure the ribbon cable wasn’t the problem or the already socketed chips on the board I did a little sleuthing and with fairly high certainty determined the U9 RAM to be the culprit.【Get Price】

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WPC-S CPU not booting too old to reply Thierry 2011-08-22 16:48:27 UTC. Permalink. Hello Trying to repair a Shadow for a friend. CPU stopped during a game and does .【Get Price】

PINBALL: Repair Williams System 11 Pinball 1986-1990 part three

If you have problems with the lane change on these games replacing the small eight pin MOC3010 opto couplers will usually fix the problem. Switch Numbering. Each switch has a number associated with it. Unlike WPC system 11 switches are just numbered 1 to 64.【Get Price】

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wpc alpha numeric score display problems. the first three wpc games that used alphanumeric displays have a common problem. the resistors r48 and r49 39k ohm on the alphanumeric display board often fail and go open or go out of spec. this can cause all the score displays in the game to work very weak or not work at all.【Get Price】

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WPC - The WPC System "Williams Pinball Controller" was introduced in 1991 with Funhouse These games featured Dot Matrix Displays DMDs although Funhouse still utilized alpha-numeric displays . An interesting note is that Williams switched back to separate MPU and Driver boards with the WPC System.【Get Price】

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Also sometimes when it does boot it will give multiple switch errors which when checked in test mode all switches are actually good. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Re: WPC 95 reset problem【Get Price】

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A properly booting WPC game will show a "progress bar" on the DMD along with a "ticking" sound which results from a series of reset signals being sent to the sound board. After a successful boot the sound board will create a single "bong" tone. 6.4.1 LEDs on the MPU. Note: WPC and WPC-S games label the MPU and Power/Driver board LEDs as "Dxx".【Get Price】

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The CPU is booting based on the blanking led flashing. The rest is impossible to determine state because you unhooked everything. There is no reason to have all those things disconnected from the power board. That has nothing to do with boot.【Get Price】

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Here is a repair on a Williams WPC 89 driver board from an Adam& 39;s Family machine see another of my videos where I repair the CPU board for this machine as w.【Get Price】

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Test the board for the previous booting problem. If they are still there replace the two zener diodes: ZR1 is a 6.8v Zener 1n5996 and ZR2 is a 3.9v Zener 1n5990 - you can& 39;t replace these components with anything else to my knowledge. These are critical values.【Get Price】

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thanks you for your answers. 6809 chip GAME EPROM ASIC CPU was pulled out for testing in another WPC CPU board and this one booted w/o any problems. So theese are fine. It must be something else what prevents CPU from booting :- . I have forgot to mention that the board has been tested ONLY with connected J210.【Get Price】

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Once the board boots up D19 should go out and D20 should start flashing no idea why it would be flashing w/o D19 going off . First thing to check is if you have 5 volts at the board. If you do then the next would be to check the blanking circuit which is what turns D19 off . If D19 doesn& 39;t turn off the CPU will not boot.【Get Price】

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For non-English speaking users other configurations can be found here WPC-089 games only and here WPC-S/WPC-95 games only . Credit dot Credit dots can be found on all WPC games and they are used to indi e a problem found on boot-up/during a game.【Get Price】

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Full details at: pinballhelp.com We& 39;re going to go over the most common cause of random resets of pinball machines: bad capacitors and bridge rectifie.【Get Price】

Repairing Williams/Bally WPC Pinball Games from 1990 to 1999 .

Repairing Williams/Bally WPC Pinball Games from 1990 to 1999 Part Three. Scope. This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games made from 1990 Funhouse to 1999 Cactus Canyon . IMPORTANT: Before you Start IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN CIRCUIT BOARD REPAIR YOU SHOULD NOT TRY AND FIX YOUR OWN PINBALL GAME 【Get Price】

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Reset problem on Bally Williams Pinball Machines. Posted 26th March 2016 by by deeperblue. Is your pinball machine resetting when you hit the flippers?. Its a common problem you press the flippers together in a mad panic induced by multiball or some other frantic flipper action and boom the lights go off and the pinball machine will reset itself just like when you turn it on.【Get Price】

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WPC-089 DMD Controller Board – 27 April 16 You could fry an egg on that RAM chip Williams placed a sticker on the DMD Controller RAM chip that contained the serial number of the board. In this case it also acted like heat sensitive paper. It takes a lot of heat to burn that label.【Get Price】