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This calculator will calculate the number of materials needed for a picket pale fence. It will calculate the actual post spacing based on max post spacing and the picket spacing on desired picket spacing to create a fence with evenly spaced post and evenly spaced pickets on the good side.【Get Price】

Wood Fence Calculator - Layout Plans and Materials - Inch

Wood Fence Calculator - Posts Rails Palings or Pickets - Spacing and Materials Costs Enter Fence Length Post Centers and Post Width to re-draw diagram showing post spacing. Select Adjust One End to keep all spacings as entered and adjust the last space to suit.【Get Price】

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Find all the fence parts and pieces you need for fence repairs and even buy an entirely new fence for your yard or business with America’s Fence Store 【Get Price】

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First multiply your fence length by the number of posts. A 100-foot fence with 12 posts would equal 1200. Then add the width of picket to your desired gap between pickets. Many pickets are 5.5 inches wide and a common gap is 1/2 an inch.【Get Price】

Picket Pale Fence Material Calculator

A picket fence is basically the same as a pale fence but you will notice the difference when you sit on them. Pickets are pointy boards and pales are usually rounded or flat on top. This calculator will calculate the amount of material needed for a picket pale fence.【Get Price】

How to Calculate the Lumber Requirements for a Fence Home .

How to Calculate the Lumber Requirements for a Fence. If you have a moderate grasp of basic carpentry techniques and a back strong enough for digging holes you can save money by building your own .【Get Price】

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Enter Measurements To gather an accurate measurement we recommend running a string along the perimeter of your fence. Please note that you must include the width of your gate openings in this measurement. For this calculation we assume that you have two end posts adjacent to your house and two more per gate.【Get Price】

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There are three major components of a picket fence: vertical posts horizontal rails and vertical pickets. The posts are 4x4s set every 6 feet. The post holes may be filled with concrete or with well-tamped soil.【Get Price】

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To estimate the total number of fence pickets use this formula: Fence Perimter – Gate Length x Multipler Number of Pickets per Gate Regular fence picket estimation There will be no multiplier table for regular type fences since it is up to you how far from each other you will install the pickets.【Get Price】

Fence Calculator for Wood Fences

This fence calculator will calculate the length and number of pickets posts and rails required to build a wood fence. It will also calculate the post hole size amount of concrete gravel and nails required. To calculate the weight of the lumber check out the lumber weight calculator. Just a heads up this page contains affiliate links.【Get Price】

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Pickets are the vertical members of a wood fence. Pickets can be installed tight to each other or with a space between them. Typically pickets are 3 1/2" wide 5 1/2" or as much as 11 1/2" wide if you are going to use dimensional kiln-dried lumber.【Get Price】


Pickets - To calculate the number of pickets needed divide length of the fence in inches by the actual picket width plus spacing if applicable . Posts - Add 1 post for each 6 or 8 ft. fence section plus 1 to end a fence run and 1 for each gate.【Get Price】

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Timber Fence Calculator - Posts Rails Palings Pickets - Spacing and Materials Costs Enter Fence Length Post Centres and Post Width to re-draw diagram showing post spacing. Select Adjust One End to keep all spacings as entered and adjust the last space to suit.【Get Price】

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To calculate pickets decide the width and spacing of your pickets. Add the width and the spacing together to get the combined width. Change the length of your fence to inches to match the picket measurements. Divide the fence length by the total picket width to get the number of pickets needed.【Get Price】

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Picket Width: Enter the width of the fence picket in inches. This will vary from fence-to-fence as there are many shapes and sizes. However a common board size sold at hardware stores is the 6-in x 6-ft dog-ear picket. The actual width for this common board is 5.5-in.【Get Price】

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Divide The Length of Fence by 4′ then add 1 for the Starter Post – 4′ OC required for Wood Fence 6′ High; The Qty of 80lb Concrete Mix is the same for all 3 Styles. 1 80lb Bag of Concrete per 4×4; The Qty of 2x4x16′ PT is the same for all 3 Styles. Divide Length by 16′ then Multiply by 3 3 runs are required 【Get Price】

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One way to attach fence pickets so that all the gaps are equal is to calculate the distance from one end to where the edge of each picket should sit and to mark both the rails. If the rails are different lengths one post not vertical perhaps doing the calculation for both rails will help to disguise the problem.【Get Price】