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Beam and Block Floor Specifi ions 1. Description: Precast concrete beam and block floor units designed provide structural suspended floors to domestic residential commercial retail and industrial buildings. 2. Materials: All materials are sourced in accordance with the appropriate British Standard and in【Get Price】

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The Longley Concrete Beam and Block Flooring system is quick and easy to install and comprises of 175 mm deep prestressed concrete beams installed with 100 mm deep building blocks laid between them. Beam Details Beam and Block Flooring Yorkshire 01924 464283 London 0203 553 8044【Get Price】

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Milbank precast beam and block concrete floor beams are expertly manufactured by our experienced operations team at our facilities in Es UK and are cast to a high quality with excellent durability and longevity. We carry a permanent stock of over 25000m of 155mm concrete floor beams in varying lengths to suit any order.【Get Price】

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This means that our 4-ply 2 X 12 will be 4 X 1-1/2 inches wide or 6 inches. Therefore a post to support this built-up floor beam will need to be 6" by 6". Framers generally nail together several pieces of dimensional lumber to create such posts. The wood column is nailed to the floor beam above and sits on a concrete pad at its base.【Get Price】

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Beam and block flooring is the traditional and cost effective suspended flooring system for ground and upper floors in domestic and commercial appli ions. The system is quick and easy to install and is made up of pre-stressed inverted ‘T’ beams infilled with standard building blocks.【Get Price】

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Manufacturers of the two main prefab floor systems beam-and-block and hollow core slabs responded differently to changes in the building industry. The beam-and-block floor systems that were often patented remained ‘systems’ meaning a fixed set of elements to combine in a typical configuration with specific characteristics and dimensions.【Get Price】

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175 mm and 225 mm Deep Systems. The Rackham Housefloors Ltd 175mm deep standard 175mm deep WIDE and 225mm deep pre-stressed concrete floor beams are available for a variety of flooring appli ions from domestic extensions to light industrial use when used in conjunction with a suitable infill block and can be used as a singular type or combined to optimise floor layouts and cost efficiencies.【Get Price】

Floor Beam Span Tables Calculator

In general wood columns are spaced every 8 to 10 feet depending on the strength of the floor beam above it and the load on this beam. Your local building code may state the size required for such posts. Or you may need to get such posts sized by a structural engineer.【Get Price】

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A beam and block floor is a durable concrete floor system that provides good fire resistance as well as helping to reduce noise transmittance through floors. Beam and block floor installation can be completed by unskilled labour or provided to your groundworkers to fit. Alternatively our experienced team can install the beam and block flooring .【Get Price】

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To compliment our beam and block flooring we also manufacture and sell split courses or end slips. These are available in either 375 x 90 x 40mm or 375 x 140 x 40mm dimensions. The slimline block is a cost effective solution for making good the edges of the floor using our combined products.【Get Price】

150mm Beam and Block Data sheet T150 July 2010

150mm Beam and Block Data sheet T150 July 2010 8. Working at Heights When working at heights i.e. upper floors and/or floors over basements fall protection must be provided during the installation of Beam and Block floors. 9. Ground floors The builder shall supply and bed all D.P.C’s under the floor bearings before the flooring units are .【Get Price】

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The beams vary in depth and can be 130mm to 250mm made up to lengths of around 6m they are usually designed and manufactured to span specific distances. Beam depth and profiles are selected according to span and loading requirements along with the type of block specified.【Get Price】

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For a 125mm x 150mm beam section the centre is 530mm. For a block with a density of 1970kg/m 3 and an superimposed load of 2.5 kN/m 2 the maximum clear span is 3.94m. For superimposed loads other than 1.5kN/m 2 using 650kg/m 3 blocks it is highly recommended that the user refers to the block manufacturer for guidance.【Get Price】

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Note that for domestic garages a 75mm mesh reinforced screed applied directly to the top of the beam and block should be used. Product Specifi ion. MR- 5.329 kN/m ; MU- 10.549 kN/m; Vco- 20.615 kN ; Weight- 35.00 Kg/m; Fire Resistance. A fire resistance of up to half hour can be accommodated using the 150mm floor beam.【Get Price】