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To build one fiberglass boat it is often said you must in fact build two boats: the finished product and the mold from which it springs. With a female mold you normally build three boats to get one--first a male plug on which the female mold is formed then the mold and finally the boat itself.【Get Price】

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Foam sandwich is a well proven material light and strong. It is particularly well adapted to the building of one-off hulls. It is well suited to amateur boat building because it does not require a female mold or any special equipment. We will describe what is commonly called the open mold method. Once you master the open mold【Get Price】

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When I first made open boats my molds were made with grooves for the frames. I realised later that I didn't need to do that: I simply built the planks edge glued over a plain mold. After freeing the shell I bent in the frames (this is at 1:48 scale). Works just fine and saves a lot of work. Clinker boats can be built in the same way.【Get Price】

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This morning the new Sage 15 & SageCat deck mold came off the plug! The mold will now be buffed out and receive some touchup. Once that work is done the first production deck a SageCat will be made.【Get Price】

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Posts about deck mold written by SageMarine Happenings at Sage Marine Boat building and other projects at Sage Marine the builder of the Jerry Montgomery designed Sage 17 Sage 15 & SageCat sailboats and the Robb White inspired SageSport160.【Get Price】

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Building a boat mold is one of the first steps in building a fiberglass boat. In short the process involves building a plug which is an exact duplicate of the boat you want to build. For small boats like canoes and kayaks the plug is often made from wood covered with fiberglass.【Get Price】

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Will it have a deck mold as well? I've seen pic's of flats boat not much to them. Just for the bottom drum of resin-roll of mat and get some bidirectional for the bulk of it. 2 layers of 1.5 mat is good will will keep the bi or roving from printing through.【Get Price】

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The deck mold for the Persuader 130 has its issues that I would like to fix. One of them is the hull and deck mating area. I did a temporary fix to the exis...【Get Price】