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Boxwoods are evergreens that feature dense dark green foliage and grow to a moderate height perfect for a natural boundary fence. There are about 70 species of boxwood; most grow fairly slowly ...【Get Price】

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There are many reasons why arborvitae is among the most popular plants for a living privacy fence.Its thick evergreen foliage creates a dense hedge when the trees are spaced properly it tolerates ...【Get Price】

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7 Shrubs For A Natural Outdoor Screen . A mix of interesting shrubs is a great idea for the middle of your natural privacy fence. Each of these brings its own interest to the party: Ninebark is a fast grower with foliage in bold shades of purple or gold depending on the variety. Its peeling bark creates winter interest.【Get Price】

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And certain types of hedge shrubs – boxwoods yews and privets – can be trimmed to a precise shape and size to create a natural privacy fence. Boxwood Shrubs The boxwood plant or Buxus is a dense evergreen shrub that is often used to create a formal-looking landscape fence.【Get Price】

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Another warm-climate evergreen tree for privacy leyland cypress is a natural for screens thanks to its columnar shape and year-round color. If the feathery blue-green foliage doesn't grab you there are cultivars with yellow gray or bright green foliage.【Get Price】

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Natural tree or shrub fences can also be planted in areas where local zoning laws do not permit man-made fences over a certain height. Evergreens act as windbreaks as well as providing privacy ...【Get Price】

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Photo by Karen Bussolini. If you cherish your privacy and want to ward off noise pollution from your street planting evergreen privacy trees and shrubs around your yard is a great way to create a barrier between your home and the outside world.【Get Price】

10 Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges

The more upright cotoneasters can be used to form a solid hedge. Several cotoneaster species are evergreen or semi-evergreen. There are several varieties; C. lucidus grows up to 10 feet tall C. glaucophyllus grows three or four feet tall with a six-foot spread; and C. franchetii grows 6 feet tall with a 6-foot spread.【Get Price】