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A Grade 2 Listed building is Listed because it shows some form of significance. Whether this is design or because of a person living there or because it is a good example of local vernacular architecture is not really relevant - but significance is one of the main reasons it will be Listed.【Get Price】

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Grade II: of special interest Each entry on the listed register will describe the parts of the building that are of special note. But it’s important to remember that the areas highlighted in the description aren’t the only protected elements.【Get Price】

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There are different types of listed buildings. They can be either Grade 1 listed Grade 2* listed or Grade 2 listed. Grade 2 listed buildings are the most common type. Interior painting and decorating in listed buildings can be difficult. Read on to find out how the rules may affect your project. Interior painting and decorating and listed ...【Get Price】

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John Vidal gets expert advice for his Grade II listed home. ... Think about floor coverings or rugs to block air infiltration and keep feet warm. 4. Keeping your home in a good state of repair can ...【Get Price】

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2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I . Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest and just 5.5% of listed buildings are Grade II* Grade II buildings are of special interest and the vast majority 92% of all listed buildings fall into this category . There are around 500000 listed buildings in England【Get Price】

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Most homes fall in to the Grade II listing category which is slightly less rigorous than a Grade I listing. As a general rule you are able to maintain your property using like for like materials and traditional methods without prior consent – for example careful repairs to a sash window or replacing modern appliances in a kitchen.【Get Price】

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The National Heritage List of England has around half a million different properties that fall under the categories of grade 1 grade 2* and grade 2 listed buildings. Of the properties on the register just over 91% of them are classed as grade 2 listed buildings.【Get Price】

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Many owners of grade 2 listed properties also find that uneven floors and ceilings are common place in old houses! Although this may be slightly annoying as long as the house is structurally secure it’s nothing to worry about but can make finding flooring tough.【Get Price】