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A dehumidifier alternative Issue 198 Having given up on the questionable reliability and durability of dehumidifiers for our basement I decided to try a low-tech low-cost alternative to deal with summer humidity problems.【Get Price】

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The best alternatives to a dehumidifier depend on the causes of the humidity the room's features and your budget. Excess humidity promotes mold and mildew yet running a dehumidifier can have a major impact on your electric bill. You may need more than one alternative method to dehumidify a damp room and in some cases expert help may be needed.【Get Price】

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You can build the above dehumidifier and choose to fill it with a different desiccant. A small paint bucket with a cheap plastic strainer for the top works just as well. Two commercial products are Dri-Z-Air crystals and Damp Rid crystals. I have used Damp Rid before. Many years ago a pipe behind my refrigerator developed a leak.【Get Price】

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Cheap Alternatives and Home Remedies Due to our geographical location and climate we've had to find ways to dehumidify our rooms and house with cheap natural and portable moisture absorbers. You can forego buying expensive moisture controls like moisture fans portable electronic dehumidifiers (energy-efficient models can be expensive) AC ...【Get Price】

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Ideas for an alternative dehumidifier? ... You could get a fan or possibly even a dehumidifier at a thrift store if you can't buy a cheap new one. level 2.【Get Price】

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This dehumidifier takes a much different turn in shape and design than the hydrosorbent model being shaped like a can with holes all over through which moisture is absorbed. The silica gel cannot be seen as it is somewhat enclosed in the canister though an alternative way of telling they are saturated is present.【Get Price】

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Easy Ways to Reduce Humidity Without a Dehumidifier. I’m not going to argue with you if you think that using a particular device is always the best way to solve your life problems. However there are much cheaper better-looking and safer alternatives to using a dehumidifier. Moreover you don’t even have to leave your house or buy ...【Get Price】