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Our Pontoon Deck Plywood is measured as 3/4" or .75 of an inch. Do you cut to size: 2-pieces 48â long by 8â wide 3/4â thick Marine Grade with 3 rounded corners. How much would cost if you do this: MiltonWi 53563. Unfortunately we do not cut our Marine Decking to any specific sizes other than what we have listed on the website.【Get Price】

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The deck of a boat plays an important role in how it looks feels and performs. Pontoon boat decking is available in different materials that have varying costs and life. The weight of the decking will affect the performance of a boat. A lighter deck material will have lesser impact on its speed and fuel economy than a heavier deck.【Get Price】

What Are the Different Types of Pontoon Decking?

Date: February 03 2021 Marine grade plywood is often used for pontoon decking. Pontoon decking is the material that is used to span the pontoons on a pontoon boat. The passengers and pilot of a pontoon boat ride upon the pontoon decking which can be manufactured from many different types of material.【Get Price】

Composite Decking for a Pontoon Boat | Durable and Stylish

Aluminum decks are often offered on pontoon boats as a more upscale deck material. The drawback to these is that the sound of the water spray hitting the bottom of the deck is quite loud. They also flex a bit more than the wooden versions and this flexing while the boat is underway can loosen fasteners.【Get Price】