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In 1998 I installed my 1st subwoofer (in the 1st car I ever owned). I designed a ported box with the sub downfiring in the trunk and the port extending out of the box through the rear deck. I was thrilled with the results and I assumed that I had sort of created a psuedo-bandpass using the trunk as the front chamber.【Get Price】

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I'm thinking I should have gone with a bigger amp and a W6 but as I am stuck with what I have for the moment I'm trying to figure if I can get more out of my setup by removing the rear deck 6x9 speakers and leaving the holes for them open to let more sound in from the trunk through the rear deck.【Get Price】

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Oh one way to do it that I have seen as successful would be to build a bandbass box with the ports firing through the rear deck I have seen that work quite nicely. and IMO I'd use two aero ports if you decide to go that route one for each 6x9 opening or idealy custom fab your rear deck and do a larger single rectangular port.【Get Price】

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I've got a 1955 Chevy I'm restoring to drive. I'm going with just an in-dash receiver that is OK but nothing special. I'm 56 and have some hearing troubles and really can't take loud music anymore. So I'm not going for high power or a sub. Just some average 6X9 3-ways in the rear window tray and...【Get Price】

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you def could by either cutting the rear deck out to fit a port or taking out ur rear speakers and just running a pvc or aero port through it. that would allow the port to get into the cabin ESPECIALLY if ur seats dont fold down. just make sure u cut to the right length or else ur tuning will be off.【Get Price】

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I'm running two GM-D9500F four channels for the mids and highs. One amp is dedicated to be bridged for the 6.75s. The other amp runs the 8 tweeters off two channels and now the four 4 inch mids in the rear deck on the other channels. Everything stable at 2ohm. Got everything done in one day!【Get Price】

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When you throw your subs in the trunk you may be able to remove the 6x9's from the rear deck entirely which (in many cars) will create a nice pair of ports from the trunk into the passenger cabin.【Get Price】

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A Quick Guide to the 6x9 Speaker Box. The right speaker box can completely change the quality of your music-listening experience. Whether you are looking for a brand-new or a used 6x9 speaker box eBay has a huge inventory to choose from at affordable prices.【Get Price】