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I used the block and crank from the tall deck; added a set of closed chamber oval port heads used .060"over 427 "car" pistons with a set of .400" longer aftermarket rods a Weiand Team G intake and a roller cam and came up with an engine that is 439cid and makes 527hp and 500lbft of torque. email me if you have any further questions.【Get Price】

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Only amde in the 366 and 427 cid no 396 402 or 454. GM did make a few 500+ cid crate engines based on that block also the DRCE pro stock block is based on it. The only real pro to using the tall deck on a street engine would be if you're going for big cubes (600+) otherwise it's just extra weight.【Get Price】

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Water pumps. There are actually three different GM big block water pump nose depths not just two as common knowledge would have us believe. The factory pump for a tall deck industrial engine (366T/427T or 366 cubic inch tall deck/427 cubic inch tall deck) is approximately 6-3/8" from block to pulley mount surface.【Get Price】

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GM 7.0L-427ci-V8 Engine Torque Specs. Over 6000 Automotive Torque Specs. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model【Get Price】

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Hi Guys I have a bone stock 427CI GM Tall Deck Big block that I'm installing in a 1979 Chev 1/2ton 4X4(Replacing the 350 CI). The Casting Number on the block is 473478 I'm wondering what the Stock Horsepower and Torque ratings are for the these Tall Deck Truck engines.【Get Price】

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cylinder head bolt torque & tightening sequence for 427 tall deck need torques specs for 427 tall deck big block - Chevrolet 1985 Chevy question ... 390 406 427 ...【Get Price】

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All of this depends on what the engine was built to do. A high winding 327 is NOT going to outlast a low revving tall deck 427 given the same hours of run time at thier designed rpm ranges period. Besides I do believe the G.M. 572 crate engine is a tall deck. It has a longer stroke than a 427 t.d. turd too.【Get Price】

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This is a tall deck 427 that is now a 496. I got it for 500 bucks and built it right I couldn't be happier. The weight difference is about 60 lbs between tall and short decks replace the intake and water pump with alumium pieces and you have negated the difference already replace the heads with aluminum and you will be approaching stock 350 weight.【Get Price】