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Rushes are a plant material that cover the floor of most rooms. They are used in place of carpets though some richer places do have access to carpets. The chamber was richly furnished. Myrish carpets covered the floor instead of rushes and in one corner a hundred fabulous beasts cavorted in bright paints on a carved screen from the Summer Isles.【Get Price】

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Feb 12 2018 - Everywhere in medieval life you read about ‘rushes’ on the floor. I too have had an issue with the notion of women in long gowns walking around on loose rushes whether or not they were sprinkled with herbs.【Get Price】

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It is not and never has been a noun used to designate floor rushes. The word "threshold" like "thresh" is Old English (OE) in origin and dates to before the twelfth century. Both OE words appear to relate to the movement of one's feet; thresh (OE threscan) meaning to stamp or trample 3 and threshold (OE therscwold) being a place to step. 4【Get Price】

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Most floors were not covered in rushes (much nicer than straw) but kept bare. Absorbent material was used in dining and messy areas - soaks up mess and easily swept away. The "straw on the floor" trope is because a film set wants to hide the modern hard wearing surface.【Get Price】

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The step omitted is that the rushes once gathered were made into mats. Then the rush mats still called rushes were put on the floor and herbs sprinkled over them. River rushes are always specified; mere grass will not do. This is because the rushes are thick long and strong: short fragile grass cannot be made into mats.【Get Price】

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Fresh rushes were sometimes spread on top of the old rushes and at other times the entire floor was swept clean of old rushes and debris and scrubbed first. This practice served to disguise dirt and debris while insulating rooms from the cold.【Get Price】

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For ‘rushes’ think the following – tied bundles on the floor of those who could afford it or had the inclination and ‘strewn’ rushes for those who dwelt in temporary / basic accommodation. Underneath was an earth floor – for the peasants – so anything that raised the individual ‘above’ the ground was a bonus.【Get Price】

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Dirt floor. In ancient Ireland and most European countries rushes used to cover floors. Since many floors were hard-packed dirt rushes caught debris and odors and could be thrown out easily for new grasses. Brigid the daughter of an Irish chieftain and a Christian slave lived in the fifth century.【Get Price】