replace a 4x4 postin a wpc sidewalk

How to Remove a Rotted Fence Post and Set a New One (DIY)

Here’s how to remove a rotten fence post quickly and easily with a shovel and sledge hammer as well as how to set the replacement post so it's strong sturdy and won’t rot again. Use a sledgehammer to break up the concrete around the old post. Pro tip: Make the hole large enough to ensure you ...【Get Price】

How to Attach a Wood Post to Concrete | Today's Homeowner

This is one of the things that makes it really easy. It’s just a post bracket that attaches right to the concrete. Then you can put your post in place and even trim it out to make it look great.【Get Price】

Easy DIY Wood Walkways - Unique No-Carpentry Designs

Choose your curves & corners for custom-look wood walkways. No nails. Decks About Us Contact Us【Get Price】

How to Install Repair or Replace a Damaged Mailbox Post

Wood mailbox posts are the traditional choice especially for do-it-yourselfers looking for economy. The cheapest and simplest post is a simple 4x4 or 6x6 post of any wood variety. A 3/4" - 1" thick pine plywood or cedar wood base is attached to the top of the post and the mailbox is screwed onto it.【Get Price】

How to replace wobbly/loose 4x4 wood fence post with a steel ...

Replace the post with a new PT post and secure it to the wall. Little angle brackets aren’t going to do S#!T attached to the stucco. The correct way (and the way I would do it) to attach it is to open the wall on the inside and add blocking to the stud cavity at the top of the post and the mid-point.【Get Price】

How to Replace a Fence Post in Concrete: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Replacing a fence post may seem like a daunting task especially if concrete held the original post in place. Thankfully the process is actually quite simple and knowing how to do it will allow you to replace anything from a single rotten beam to an entire fence.【Get Price】

anchor wooden posts to existing concrete - outdoor wpc floor

Anchoring Posts on Concrete Sidewalk - DoItYourself Community Forums... a new wooden railing on an existing concrete sidewalk and concrete steps. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to anchor the 4x4 posts to the concrete with ...【Get Price】

Replace Post | Hometalk

When you replace it put in a concrete tube and attach a fastner to screw your post into it. Posts set in concrete rot faster its better to not have it touch the concrete.【Get Price】

attaching fence posts to existing concrete - outdoor wpc floor

How to Fasten a 4X4 Post to a Concrete Slab (5 Steps) | eHow Galvanized steel brackets are commonly used to secure 4x4 wood posts to concrete slabs. These brackets Use the appropriate fasteners when attaching wood posts to concrete slabs. How to Install Fence Posts on a Concrete Sidewalk.【Get Price】