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This is a lightweight bright red plastic fencing that could have multiple uses. It's 4 ft tall x 50 ft wide & it arrived rolled. It’s one big piece. It’s marketed as a snow fence however I’m using it in my backyard to section off an area that I don’t want my dogs to be able to get to.【Get Price】

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Your fence will work in the snow as long as it hasn't broken. Look for snow covered weeds or trees laying on fence. Remove them and it should start working again. I wouldn't worry too much about you critters escaping as long as it has been on. My guys won't touch anything that looks like wire now. Check that the box is working.【Get Price】


Lay-down fence in snow country. Where damage from snow is severe on standard wire fences a lay-down fence has reduced maintenance costs by two-thirds on Black Mesa in western Colorado. Basically it is a standard 4-wire fence that can be laid down as a unit. One person working alone can let it down or put it up. LAY-DOWN FENCES【Get Price】

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Snow on the old brown reed fence in the winter season background Old fence with metal bars and brick posts cracked plaster due to adverse weather conditions outdoors snow winter cold Wooden old gray fence in the snow.【Get Price】

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Early on before the deep cold arrived ice coated and broke trees. Then nearly 6-1/2 inches of snow blanketed the city the biggest snowfall since 1949. After that more sleet fell and icy roads and pavement became treacherous for a state without fleets of snowplows and residents without snow shovels.【Get Price】

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The 3 ft. H x 15 ft. W High Visibility Snow Fencing offers effective snow drift control in parks lots along roads and other locations where snow control is needed. The High Visibility Plastic Snow Fence is easier to install than wood fencing and is lightweight which makes it easy to transport.【Get Price】

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Shorts from Snow: Whether snow piles high from a storm or drifts from wind you need to keep your fence line clear. A high snowpack will drain your line of power and make it ineffective. If you can’t clear your fence with a plow or shovel depower lines that are snowed under by disconnecting them or by installing a cut-off switch.【Get Price】

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So I go out and take a look at it an noticed that the house behind me was plowed and the guy pushed the snow up against my wooden fence and broke it it 3 sections. So I go over there its a 3 family. I ringed the door bell and asked to speak with the property owner.【Get Price】