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When you’re cleaning bathroom floor tiles: Clear and vacuum the floor. Mop with a mixture of floor cleaner and warm water. Scrub if necessary. Dry with an old towel. Most people spend time barefoot in the bathroom so it’s important to keep a clean floor. Here’s how to clean bathroom floor tiles or other types of bathroom flooring.【Get Price】

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For best results wash bathroom tiles once a week and kitchen tiles biweekly. Sponge mops may push dirty water into grout lines so instead use a cleaning cloth or a flat mop to apply the mixture. Clean ceramic tile floors with warm water or a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap .【Get Price】

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You shouldn't wait until you see dirt and grime to clean your bathroom floor. Because flooring can easily be stripped of shine Forte recommends using low-sudsing cleaners to avoid leaving behind ...【Get Price】

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According to Leanne Stapf COO of The Cleaning Authority "For most surfaces it is important to sweep vacuum and mop your floors to remove any dirt and dust that has collected on the floor." But how to clean your floors and how frequently you should give them a good wash depends on a multitude of factors. "It is best to clean your floors ...【Get Price】

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Before cleaning the bathroom floor OneHowTo recommends that you don't forget to dust and thoroughly clean the toilet sink mirror shelves racks tiles shower bath etc. Once you're done you can clean the floor. If you do the reverse you'll only dirty the floor whilst cleaning the bathroom furniture and dirty tiles.【Get Price】

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Cleaning bathroom floor tiles and grout is an especially tricky task unless you know how to do it efficiently. The best way to clean bathroom tiles is by starting with the basic cleaning steps above. This will remove the dirt and grime from the tile surface before you clean tile grout.【Get Price】

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How to Wash Your Bathroom Floor: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Run the mop along the floor right up against the baseboards each time you reach a side of the bathroom to ensure you clean the floor where it meets the wall. 5 Push a dry towel across the floor with your feet to dry it off.【Get Price】

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Remove any floor mats or other objects on the bathroom tile and clean a bath mat separately by vacuuming and then washing in the machine or by hand.. Beginning at the far end of the bathroom sweep toward the door making sure to get into corners.【Get Price】