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What Is the Best Flooring for Dogs and Other Rambunctious ...

Pets don’t have to dash your dreams of a hardwood-filled home. If you’re willing to live with the real thing you still have options. “Hardwood floors and dogs can live in harmony with a ...【Get Price】

Pets and Your Hardwood Flooring

The Best Hardwood Flooring Options for Homes with Dogs. Although no real hardwood floor is invincible there are certain specifications you may want to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a hardwood floor for your pet friendly home. Site Finished vs. Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring.【Get Price】

Best Scratch Resistant Hardwood Flooring for Dogs

To keep your solid hardwood floor looking great you will have to sand and refinish your floor multiple times and keep your pet’s nails trimmed. 2. Engineered Hardwood Maintains a Warm Real-Wood Feel. Engineered hardwood offers the same wide range of wood species as solid wood.【Get Price】

Best Wood Flooring Options for Homes With Dogs

Engineered wood flooring a sandwich of laminated wood with a real hardwood veneer on top is an excellent product. The only issue is that it can take only a limited number of light sandings. Scratch marks from pets can be sanded down hard one time. But then the subsequent sandings pose a risk of exposing the structural wood beneath.【Get Price】

The 8 Best Types of Wood Flooring For Dogs | FlooringStores

Another factor to consider when choosing the best hardwood flooring for dogs: the solid wood vs. engineered wood debate. Solid wood is one piece of wood throughout. Engineered wood is made from a thin layer of hardwood bonded on top of high-quality fiberboard or plywood.【Get Price】

Do Pets Ruin Your Hardwood Floors? | MN Pets and Wood Floors

Pet toenail-scratches are very unlikely to cause permanent damage to a hardwood floor. Even when the damage goes through the finish and into the wood it can usually be sanded out. But the bad news is that they have to be sanded out which costs money or time.【Get Price】

Best Flooring for Dogs Solved! - Bob Vila

Although hardwood floors are beautiful and classic not all types hold up well in households with pets. Moisture can warp and destroy wood floors making it critical to clean up pet-related messes ...【Get Price】

Hardwood flooring that is best for pets

Can hardwood floors and pets live happily ever after? Many of my customers have pets so I get this question often – which type of hardwood should I use for pets? It’s a hard question to answer because truthfully all hardwood will dent and scratch over time – it’s just a matter of how much and how much you can see it.【Get Price】