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If there is wax that cannot be reached with the newspaper or cloth it may be possible to heat it enough with the heat gun that the wax will dissipate. A small amount of dabbing with a soft cloth will help to remove the remaining wax the works its way up to the surface.【Get Price】

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Waxing is a popular method of hair removal but hot wax can be difficult to control if you are unfamiliar with handling it or have the wax warmer set to too high a temperature. If you spill wax on the counter or floor do not panic. Depilatory waxes are removable from hard surfaces with little risk of permanent damage.【Get Price】

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After stripping off the wax totally from the floor surface you want to give it a final cleaning by mopping the floor surface with wood and hot water. After mopping you want to make sure you thoroughly wipe the floor using a dry microfiber cloth to remove any standing water and moisture.【Get Price】

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Leaving hot water on your flooring long enough to dissolve wax is just asking for the water to seep through the cracks swell the wood and ruin your floor. The NWFA-Approved Method to Remove Wax To make many cleaning jobs easier you can go to the store and buy a special implement that automates the task or at least eliminates the need for hard ...【Get Price】

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Cover the mess with a clean towel and pile ice on top. Leave it for 15 minutes to allow the material to harden completely. Then take a metal spatula work it under the hard edge of the body wax and lift to pull it away from the surface in pieces. Keep going to remove as much of the wax as possible.【Get Price】

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Most wood floors and furniture are sealed with a protective layer usually polyurethane which prevents liquids such as water and hot wax from absorbing. But if you spill wax on unfinished wood that’s not protected with a sealer the wax will soak into the wood’s pores making it extremely difficult to remove.【Get Price】

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Applying more wax only makes the problem worse. The original wax must be removed first. Then a fresh layer of wax can be applied to the clean floor to give a fresh clean start. Here’s how to remove the wax build up whether it’s been a couple of months or many years. Removing Wax Build Up from Vinyl Flooring. You Will Need: Hot water【Get Price】

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Using an ice cube to harden the wax drippings is one way to remove wax from hardwood floors with minimal scraping required. Simply hold the ice cube in place on the wax for 30 seconds even if the wax has already cooled. If the wax is fresh and still malleable you may need to hold the ice cube for a minute or two.【Get Price】