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Whether you want to clean old wood furniture cabinets a cutting board wood floors or any other type of old dirty wood there are several similar methods you can use. No matter what method you decide to try it’s important to always test it on a small inconspicuous area of the wood you want to clean to make sure it doesn’t damage the ...【Get Price】

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors - Bob Vila

Deep clean heavy dirt and grime buildup. If a surface-finished hardwood floor still looks dingy or dull after dusting deep clean it with any pH-neutral wax-free and petroleum-free cleaner such ...【Get Price】

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Covering scratches that remain after cleaning is part of knowing how to clean a wood floor. Take a crayon the color of the floor and rub it on the scratch to fill the gap. Turn a blow dryer on high heat the area where the crayon was applied and buff it with a soft cloth.【Get Price】

How to Clean Wood Furniture - Bob Vila

Over time wood furniture accumulates grime that can't be removed with regular dusting. When this happens some serious cleaning is in order. Here's how to safely clean wood furniture.【Get Price】

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Wood cabinets especially kitchen wood cabinets can easily accumulate driblets and spills over time as a result of constant use. This accumulated residue clouds the cabinets and makes it look bleak hence the need to constantly clean the wood cabinet. Pin this! Wood cabinets come in different finishing.【Get Price】

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Microban 24 Is a Great Way To Keep Surfaces Sanitized Touch After Touch. The Microban 24 Technology Allows Continuous Surface Protection Against Bacteria. FAQ's About Us【Get Price】

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If you want to clean wood floors without water—that’s also easy. Just choose a product like Method Squirt and Mop Hard Floor Cleaner ($13; amazon.com). It requires zero rinsing and it also won’t leave a sticky residue. The shower spray style nozzle also makes the product easy to dispense—no puddles or pooling.【Get Price】

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You dust and shine your wood furniture regularly but over time those polishes and dust combine to leave a dark film on tables chairs and shelves. To keep your furniture looking its best you need to do a periodic deep cleaning.【Get Price】

How to Clean Wood or Faux Wood Blinds the Easy Way

Whether you’ve got faux wood blinds or real wood blinds I’ve got a super easy way to clean them. And you’ve most likely got everything you need on hand. You don’t even need expensive cleaners or any cleaner at all really. This is one of the things I love about this cleaning hack most.【Get Price】

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