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I have a 2x6 deck board (treated lumber) that is 14 feet long and it's lying across 6 joists and a ledger on the east end and a frame board on the west end. Right now it's not screwed in anywhere. If I stand on the east end of the board the west end lifts up on the north side and if I stand on the west end of the board the east end lifts up on ...【Get Price】

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Normally under the top decking is 4″ by 2″ Joists spaced at 18″ centres. The Joist sits on bearers normally 4″ by 3″ spaced at 6 to 7 feet apart the bearers are supported by piers or posts usually 7′ to 8′ apart To use anything bigger (2 x 6) will...【Get Price】

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It was built in 2010 and added onto to mostly surround the pool in 2012. The floor is all 2x6 construction. The top board of my railing is 5/4 deck boards. In the last few years I seem to replace some 2x6's every year. The 5/4 boards still look just fine no punky spots warping etc. If I did it today I'd use the 5/4 deck boards for the floor.【Get Price】

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Have used both 2x6 and the 5/4 boards. The bending moment or flex is greater in the 5/4 but the 2x6 will pinch your feet walking on it barefoot. The difference in the sharp edge compared the chamfer on the deck boards when walking bare feet is significant. So much so that I only use 5/4 on projects.【Get Price】

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Decking Board Thickness. The sole purpose of decking boards is to provide the finished surface of the deck support the weight of people and furniture and prevent anyone from falling between the joists. Proper deck board thickness will be indicated by a solid surface feel and if it is bouncy or spongy the planks are too thin.【Get Price】

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