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What happens if I stain my deck and it rains?

Wait at least 24 hours after washing your deck to apply stain. Also try to avoid staining your deck right before it rains. Most stains require at least 2-3 hours for drying. Likewise can you stain wood when it's raining? It is best to never stain any exterior wood when inclement weather is forecasted especially rain. Most deck stain brands ...【Get Price】

Stain Deck After Rain - All Your Wood Staining Questions Answered

Our high-quality core resin technology allows you to apply stain in high and low temperatures to damp wood and 8-12 hours before or after rain. No matter the season rain or shine refinish your deck on your own time. See All Olympic Maximum Products Buy Olympic Maximum Online【Get Price】

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What If It Rains 12 Hours After Staining Deck? Most woodworkers homeowners and painters will tell you that it is a bad idea to consider staining your deck within 12-24 hours of rain being forecast. Additionally you will notice that most stains manufacturers also advise that you don’t apply stain to your exterior wooden structures when it ...【Get Price】

Rained 12 hours after appling deck stain

FWIW I read "Let stain dry thoroughly before using deck. Allow 12-24 hours depending on temperature and humidity." It probably dried to the touch within a couple hours. Also you didn't use the deck during that period i.e. no foot traffic to rub off the stain. Anyway IMO unless it starts peeling or flaking I would just wait a year before ...【Get Price】

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Some preparations for deck staining also require you to clean the area so naturally you will have a wet deck after washing as the best cleaning occurs with the use of a power-wash. Normally waiting 1-2 days after cleaning is adequate but can vary depending on sun exposure climate wood type and age.【Get Price】

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According to stain manufacturer Behr Corporation you should avoid staining a deck for at least 24 to 48 hours after the deck gets wet. Otherwise moisture in the wood will prevent the stain from adhering correctly to the deck. That lack of adhesion will result in a thinner final coat that will be likely to wash off after a few good rainstorms.【Get Price】

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Most oil-based deck stains need at least 24 hours of dry time. High humidity and/or low temperatures will increase that time so will over-applying the stain. I would not apply it unless I was fairly confident that I had at least 48 hours with no rain. Better to wait.【Get Price】

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Stain needs to dry for several hours for it to set. Even after that it needs to remain undisturbed for several days before you put outdoor furniture back on the deck. If it rains within 48 hours after you apply the stain the water will soak into the wood pores and try to displace the stain.【Get Price】