What is The Break Room?

If your boss is giving you a hard time. Or your significant other is stressing you out. Or your ex just got married. Or, god forbid, you were stuck in Delhi traffic for HOURS! Whatever your reason or maybe no reason at all, the Break Room provides you with a place to let loose.

You've tried Yoga and Meditation, try something different. Break something or everything at the Break Room!

India’s first Break Room is the solution for you

Who can't play?

Those who are under 18, expectant mothers, sufferers of severe to moderate Health conditions including but not limited to heart or lung issues, mental health history or are a danger to themselves or others are NOT permitted to participate in the Break Room.

Release and acknowledgment waivers are mandatory and will be required to sign before entry.

The Break Room has 0 tolerance policy for those who abuse and/or ignore BR’s rules and regulations or falsify documents upon entry. We will work with any and all enforcement authorities, if needed.


The Break Room does not claim to be a mental help or medical facility; we do not treat, give diagnosis or provide medical therapy of any kind. We are classified as entertainment only, if you feel that you have any mental or medical issues that need to be treated please see a licensed physician. Thank you!


  • Call us at 0124. 417.5424, between 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

  • First Break Session @ 1:15 PM | Last Break Session @ 8:00 PM A session starts every 15 minutes.

    NOTE : Only one person is allowed at a time. For more than one player, please make back-to-back bookings.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your booking time. Late arrival may result in cancellation of your slot.

  • Wear shoes that cover your feet like boots, sneakers etc.

  • Bring an ID PROOF (Driver’s license, passport, Adhaar card) that shows you are above 18 years.

  • Wear the safety gear provided by us and sign the waiver.
  • Players will NOT be allowed inside the break room if the above is not followed.


Basic “Need a Break”: 2 MINUTE @ Rs. 199.00 ONLY

Want more... pick from the Break List below:

You can purchase more items to break in the room, in addition to the basic Break session (based on availability).

ITEMS Rate + Additional Time
Phone Rs. 150 + 1 minute
Utensils (Set of 4) Rs. 150 + 1 minute
Printer Rs. 300 + 3 minutes
Desktop Rs. 500 + 4 minutes
Television (small) Rs. 400 + 4 minutes
Television (large) Rs. 800 + 6 minutes
BRING YOUR OWN ITEM** Rs. 200 + 2 minutes more

** Our staff reserves the right to remove items brought in by you that are deemed unsafe or unfit. No sharp object like knives, blades, scissors are allowed in the room.

IMPORTANT: Our staff holds the right to deny permission to any person, they deem unfit to play or may not follow the rules!